How gardening is a stress buster?

How gardening is a stress buster?

“Stress is enormous problem with deep impact”

Hello everyone, myself Diana Patnaik and today I am going to share my journey with you all!

Stress relieving by Gardening

I never realized how therapeutic and stress reliever it could be to grow plants.

I began creating my little stretch of nature. Initially I used my small balcony during the pandemic lockdown.

Since my balcony is an East-facing balcony and because of it doesn’t get much direct sunlight so I took help of fertilizers and rich amended and compost soil.

I started my garden with different varieties of colorful house plants that can grow in indirect sunlight in March. As a result, right watering and fertilizer (cow dung manure) schedule. The plants are doing well and now I have begun growing succulents. Growing plants, watching them grow and flower helps me calm down and feel at peace.

I took the help of “The affordable gardening store ” And then I began to focus more towards my garden with right care and right equipment. I took the part in the online contest also which was also arranged by the store.

Gardening, I would say, has been a form of meditation for me during these difficult times.

Also I purchased my gardening items from the online store “The affordable gardening store “. I was satisfied with the services they provided hope for future connection.

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