Areca Palm Seeds (3 Seeds)


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This is an image of Areca Palm plant planted in white color pot placed against white color background.
Areca Palm Seeds (3 Seeds) 20
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The Areca Palm plant is a slow-growing plant and makes a great addition to your indoors. Areca palms need a humid environment. Try our non-GMO Areca Palm Seeds. Also, check out our workshops for more details.


Number of seeds in a packet – 3

  1. Difficulty Level – moderately easy
  2. Plant Height – up to 7 feet
  3. Color – green
  4. Type – indoor
  5. Feed – Vermicompost for nutrients every week, Seaweed once a month for greener leaves, and Epsom salt once a month
  6. Watering – keep the soil moist
  7. Sunlight – bright indirect sunlight
  8. Germination Time – several weeks – several months
  9. Suitable Temperature – 65°F – 75°F
  10. Season – any time of the year
  11. Sowing – spring or early summer
  1. Take a Growbag and fill it with Cocopeat.
  2. Sprinkle the seeds around the Growbag.
  3. Fill the hole with Cocopeat lightly and spray with water.
  4. Keep the soil moist.
  5. It may take several weeks to several months for the seeds to germinate.
  6. Bright indirect sunlight is needed.
  1. Take a Medium Size Pot and add a Potting Mix.
  2. If planting in the soil add Neem Cake PowderVermicompost, and Seaweed.

Botanical name: Dypsis lutescens
areca palm seed in hindi: supaaree taad ke beej (सुपारी ताड़ के बीज)
areca palm seed in tamil: kattu panai vitai (காட்டு பனை விதை)
areca palm seed in telugu: areka tati ginja (అరెకా తాటి గింజ)
areca palm seed in kannada: areka tale bija (ಅರೆಕಾ ತಾಳೆ ಬೀಜ)
areca palm seed in marathi: areca pama biyane (areca पाम बियाणे)
areca palm seed in malayalam: arakka eenthappana vithu (അരക്ക ഈന്തപ്പന വിത്ത്)
Other names: Golden cane palm, yellow palm, butterfly palm

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25 reviews for Areca Palm Seeds (3 Seeds)

  1. Vikky Singh

    They look so good in my bedroom

  2. Sajith Kumar

    i received it in good condition

  3. Sameer Kapoor

    Packed really well

  4. Sajan Kumar

    Nice indoor plant

  5. Saniya Gandhi

    Very good quality

  6. Kripa Jayesh

    loved the service

  7. Grishma Gopal

    I just love this plant!!

  8. Kabir Joshi

    Happy to have it at my home

  9. Ankita Kumar

    The delivery was on time

  10. Darshan Das

    Very pretty, im buying more

  11. Aaradhya Singh

    Very good product and delivery was on time

  12. MUKUND SONI (verified owner)


  13. Rohit Gupta

    Cultivate a tropical oasis with these Areca Palm Seeds

  14. Viren Kapoor

    Grow your own tropical oasis with these Areca Palm Seeds

  15. Kritika Kapoor

    a simple and convenient way to add lush foliage to your space

  16. Karishma Reddy

    These palm plants are looking very beautful on my entrace of house

  17. Shikha Gupta

    Good product good packaging

  18. Nandini Choudhary

    a simple and convenient way to cultivate your own tropical oasis at home

  19. Tanisha Iyer

    a perfect opportunity to cultivate your own tropical haven

  20. Zara Menon

    a simple and convenient way to cultivate your own tropical oasis at home

  21. Advaita Khanna

    Each seed holds the promise of lush greenery, adding a touch of nature’s beauty

  22. Vihaan Iyer

    I have planted these outside my construction office it is looking great

  23. Sanya Saxena

    convenient way to cultivate your own tropical oasis at home

  24. Ishan Varma

    The set of three provides a fantastic opportunity to grow my own tropical paradise at home

  25. Kabir Mehra

    These plants look very beautiful

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