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Crystal Soil balls (50 pcs)

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Buy the Crystal Soil balls (50 pcs) Online for Gardening only for Rs.20 with free Home Delivery across India only at The Affordable Organic Store now.

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Multicolored crystal soil balls kept in a glass jar
Crystal Soil balls (50 pcs) 24 Original price was: ₹24.19Current price is: ₹19.
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Crystal Soil balls will absorb water and expand from 1mm diameter to 10mm (approximate) diameter ball shape. Ideal for indoor home/ office desktop plants. Also the best decoration for the vase, soil, gardening, and artificial plants. Also, check out our workshops for more details.


Crystal Soil balls are made of a hydrogel that expands on contact with water. 


Crystal Soil balls, also known as water beads or gel beads, are a fun and versatile way to add beauty and moisture to your plants or decorative arrangements. To use them, start by placing a small amount of crystal soil balls in a container and adding water. Allow them to soak for a few hours, and you’ll see them expand as they absorb the water. Once fully hydrated, you can drain off any excess water and use the crystal soil balls in a variety of ways. They can be placed in flower vases, used as a colorful base for candles, or even added to potted plants to help retain moisture. These little beads provide an eye-catching aesthetic while also acting as a water reservoir for your plants. Remember to occasionally add water to keep them hydrated and enjoy their long-lasting beauty.


Crystal Soil balls are reusable, once they start shrinking or become depleted of water, simply just add more water.


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Weight 2 g
Plant Moisture Providers

For vacation watering

Garden Decor Essentials

For plants and pots

15 reviews for Crystal Soil balls (50 pcs)

  1. Zoya Patel

    These crystal soil balls are so much fun

  2. Sahil Joshi

    adding a touch of elegance to your home decor

  3. Ishika Deshmukh

    Gel Water Beads

  4. Sneka

    It adds beauty to the plants…!

  5. Shamweel

    Yes it’s good

  6. nimu


  7. Vanjula Shukla

    Worth buying it!!!

  8. Vriteka Gupta

    Nice product

  9. Plant10

    It’s good

  10. Aadrika Kumar

    Loved the product

  11. Aadarshini Mehta

    Good quality product

  12. ekambar

    very goooooooddddd

  13. Farhan Akhtar

    satisfied with the purchase

  14. Garima Pahwa (verified owner)

    using it for propagation of small leaves. Looks great!

  15. Shalu

    Good product

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