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Red Soil for Gardening (1kg)

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Red soil has been taken directly from rich farms for gardening. Soil enriches the plant with all micronutrients and enables faster growth. It contains added essential nutrients for the faster growth of the plant.

How to use

  • Modify Your Soil
  • The first way to modify your soil is to adjust the soil at each hole you dig for every plant.
  • To do this, you will want to always dig the hole twice the size of the root ball.
  • Once you have dug the hole, you will want to use fifty percent of your native soil and blend it with a soil conditioner. Soil conditioner is a mixture of mulch, compost, and other organic materials. Once you have the two blended, you will use that mix to back-fill the hole.
  • Permatile can be very beneficial. Permatill is slate that has been crushed into a pea-sized product. Permatile will help loosen that hard, compacted soil and provide drainage and aeration for your plants. When using Permatill, you will dig down about two inches deeper than you normally would and line the bottom of the hole with two inches of Permatill. Once you have placed the plant in the hole, you will add another 3-4 inches of Permatill around the root ball. Then backfill the rest of the hole with the mixture of native soil and soil conditioner.
  • Prepare Your Entire Plant Bed Or Area At One Time
  • The second way to amend your soil is to prepare an entire plant bed or area at one time. Using a tiller will save you time and backaches and will break up and loosen your soil. Once you have tilled the area, you will want to add soil conditioner and if necessary, a layer of Permatill. Finally, this mixture together creates a well-mixed soil that will encourage plant growth.


  • The red soil is considered to be highly weathered.
  • The red soil contains a rare clay material which is known as kalinite.
  • The specific gravity of these soil ranges between 2.6 to 2.8.
  • Red soil has better drainage capacity when compared with other soils that are present on the earth’s surface.
  • This, soil also has a high percentage of iron and aluminum in them.
  • These soils also respond to fertilizer but in the presence of some cultivation system.
  • They are low in nutrients but can be used for cultivation.


What is Red Soil is made of?

Red soil is formed by weathering of old crystalline igneous and metamorphic rocks. It is rich in iron and hence appears red in color. In India, it is found mainly in the Deccan plateau.


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  1. Shalu

    Red soil completely enriched with nutrients . Thanks for the product

  2. yukti

    super good quality..

  3. Delsa pp

    finest quality

  4. Chinmay Singh

    Very effective product

  5. Priyanshi Kumar

    Wanted from a long time and finally bought it

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