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Miniature Rooster (1 Piece)


Cute Miniature Rooster for beautification of the garden.

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1 - 4 69
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Miniature Rooster Chicken, a miniature for the garden available in multi colors, made of organic material, renewable, and suitable for all types of gardening, especially home garden/fairy garden/Tray Gardening/ Lawn gardening / Terrace and Balcony Gardening. Rooster Miniature is used to decorate the garden most creatively and can be used as Lawn ornaments, garden birds can amplify the beauty of your home & garden.

  1. Length (cm) – 2
  2. Height (cm) – 2
  3. Width (cm) – 1
  4. Weight (gm) – 2




1cm x 1.5cm x 2cm
Weight 2.05gm
Material Resign
Renewable Yes
Color Single
Waterproof Yes
Portable Yes


Weight 0.01 g


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