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Anti Hairfall Neem Wooden Comb (1Piece)


Buy the finest Anti- Hairfall Neem Wooden Comb (Single Piece) Online for Gardening at the most affordable price of Rs.99 along with free Home Delivery across India at The Affordable Organic Store now.

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Anti- Hairfall Neem Wooden Comb Sustainable Living, Made of young neem wood, these combs deliver nutrition of neem & herbs to the scalp, with every stroke of combing. This comb consists of 32 teeth. The stimulation & nutrients delivered by neem combs promotes hair growth, prevent hair fall, treats dandruff & alleviates itchiness.

How to use?

  1. Neem Wooden comb is highly recommended for curly or long hair as the teeth in plastic combs are generally not so thick and lead to hair loss. To prevent hair fall and hair breakage.
  2. Start combing from the bottom and then move the comb to the mid part of your hair scalp.


  1. Neem wood combs can’t conduct charges, so they keep your hair free from static damage.
  2. Additionally, the softer, rounded teeth of a neem wood comb won’t nick and cut the scalp or ill-distribute the oils on the scalp and hair, thereby reducing the chances of dandruff.

How is it made?

Anti- Hairfall Neem Wood Comb are made up of neem wood.

How to buy Anti- Hairfall Neem Wooden Comb online?

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