T-Shaped Garden Labels (1pc)



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This is an image of five T-Shaped Garden Labels of five different colors kept against white color background.
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T-Shaped Garden Label is a very useful plant label that can help monitor the growth of plants if you mark the date it was planted. Can be written easily with a pencil. Labels or Tags can be inserted in the pot. Tags are simple pieces of data, usually not more than three words – that describe information on a document. These T-Shaped Garden Labels provide details about an item and make it easy to locate related items. Also, check out our workshops for more details.

  • Height (cm) – 15
  • Length (cm) – 5.5
  • Choose the T-shaped garden label that you want to use.
  • Using a waterproof marker or label maker, write the name of the plant on the T-shaped garden label. You can also include additional information like the planting date, care instructions, or any other relevant details.
  • Gently insert the T-shaped garden label into the soil near the base of the plant, making sure it is secure and visible. Be careful not to damage the plant’s roots when inserting the tag.
  • Adjust the angle and position of the tag so that it’s easy to read and can be seen clearly without obstructing the plant’s growth or getting in the way of maintenance tasks.
  • Plant tag lists, measurements, and descriptions of the plant’s fully grown size.
  • You can give your plants a name or record their growth stage.
  • Can be easily cleaned with household cleaner for reuse.
  • Easy to stick in the soil.
  • Convenient to use for naming the gardening plant.
  • Plant labels can help monitor the growth of plants if you mark the date it was planted.
  • The plant’s mature height can be listed on the front or back of the tag.
  • They can also be useful for recording care instructions right next to the plant, shrub, or tree they apply to.
  • Tags can also used in breeding experiments.

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23 reviews for T-Shaped Garden Labels (1pc)

  1. Nandini Reddy

    These labels help in identifying how much growth plant has got

  2. Anika Patel

    Best Garden Organizers for garden

  3. Vivan Joshi

    a single, durable piece for easy plant identification and maintenance

  4. Shiv Rajan

    a single, durable piece for effortless plant identification and maintenance

  5. Avani Sharma

    providing a touch of organization and efficiency to your gardening routine

  6. Pooja Sengupta

    Keep your garden neat and organized with the T-Shaped Garden Labels

  7. Kabir Agarwal

    easy plant identification and maintenance

  8. Natasha D’Souza

    These t shaped garden labels helpful in making right manure for plants

  9. Arnav Sharma

    a single, durable piece for easy plant identification and maintenance

  10. Riya Bhat

    Keep your garden organized with the T-Shaped Garden Labels

  11. Sameer Choudhary

    a practical and durable solution for marking and identifying your plants with ease

  12. Riya Venkat

    These tag is a simple yet effective tool for labelling my plants

  13. Arnav Iyengar

    Good Quality plastic is used and it is very strong

  14. Naina Kapoor

    This tag is a practical and efficient way to label my plant

  15. Rohini Menon

    This tag is a practical and efficient way to label my garden plants

  16. Rishi Mehta

    These tags are very helpful for information

  17. Arjun Joshi

    I am using for the instructions of plants and it works

  18. Ishika Joshi

    works great. I used them for my potted plants and they have held up all season in the super hot sun.

  19. Aria Kapoor

    These tags was delivered on time

  20. Aria Kapoor

    These help me to find how much amount of fertilizer is required for that plant

  21. Anaya Patel

    These tags help me in tracking the herb plants and flower plants

  22. Yuvraj Sharma

    These tags help me to keep rose plants and marigold plants seperate

  23. Anaya Mehta

    These plant tags help me track of height of plants

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