Tillandsia Aeranthos indoor air plant (1pc)


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Add a perfect air purifying, elegant addition to your indoors, approved by NASA. This beginner friendly Tillandsia Aeranthos indoor air plant Sapling turns out to be a dense, happy perky foliage plant,if given perfect light and moisture. Do not overwater the plant, water them before the soil gets dry. This plant will come in a 1-inch net pot. Please do not remove the plant from the net pot and plant it directly in a larger pot. Do not overwater the plant. Also, check out our workshops for more details.

  1. Number of saplings in a net pot – 1
  2. Sapling Height – 2 inch
  3. Watering – When soil dries then only water.
  4. Sunlight – Bright indirect light
  1. Difficulty Level – Easy
  2. Leaves Color – Golden-Green leaves
  3. Full Plant Height- 1-3 feet
  4. Type – Indoors
  5. Feed –  once a month from early spring to mid-autumn, don’t fertilize them during the winter.
  6. Watering – Once every 1 or 2 weeks
  7. Sunlight – Bright indirect light
  8. Suitable Temperature – 65-75°F

8 reviews for Tillandsia Aeranthos indoor air plant (1pc)

  1. Shanti Joseph

    Well well i would want more of this

  2. Shreya Gopal

    A good indoor plant

  3. Meena Pillai

    Such a exotic sapling

  4. Sitara Sabu

    Got them in good condition

  5. Swati Sharma

    Good place for indoor plants

  6. Isitha Saini

    Short and sweet

  7. Rose Mary

    Such a cute sapling

  8. Saha Jobin

    This was delivered on time

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  1. Take a sapling along with the net pot and choose the appropriate size of the container for your plant.
  2. Seal the holes of the pot at the bottom.
  3. Pour potting soil more than half of the size of the pot.
  4. Then make a hole with your finger in the center of the potting soil and place your sapling along with the net pot.
  5.  Cover it with soil again and water thoroughly.


When air plants are a pup (baby air plants), some species grow to full size. As mentioned earlier, air plants range in size from 2 inches to 7 feet. 

The plant should be watered once a week, with 2-3 times recommended for optimal care.It is recommended to soak for at least 2 hours every 2-3 weeks. If you’re in a hotter, drier climate, you’ll need to water and mist more often. 

As a general rule, store air plants out of direct sunlight. Keep in mind that many species of air plants in the wild like to grow in a sheltered, shaded canopy. 

Air plants are not succulents. Succulents are plants with swollen or succulent parts, while airplants are a specific genus with spiny leaves. The most important difference is that air plants draw nutrients from the air and irrigate them, while succulents live and feed in the soil.  

The best water for air plants is rainwater. Pond or aquarium water also contains some nutrients, so it works. Ordinary tap water is fine. But first, leave it in an open container overnight. 


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