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Gifting Gardening items on special occasion

Gifting Gardening items on special occasion

Gifting gardening items is an act of kindness, care, and love for mother nature too. Isn’t this a great idea, to shift the gifting mentality from a box of sweets to gifting gardening items on special occasions to our loved ones? The gifts that add value to our life by giving back something positive every day. Plants make our home active and help you to enjoy companionship. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the gardening items from our store that you can give to your loved ones as gifts.

Cow Dung Diya: A Gift With Positive Aura

The cow dung diya is a small-sized (available in big size also) diya made with cow dung.  The chemical-free diya helps to invite positive energy and boosts the oxygen level in the environment or surrounding. The ash debris can be used as manures for plants and natural fungicides. So, light the atmosphere and your inner self by lighting the cow dung diya, which is natural and affordable.

Vintage Bottle Seeds: The Best Return Gift On Any Occasion 

The vintage bottle seeds are the best return gifts for birthdays, marriage anniversaries, and other occasions. The one bottle contains:

  1. 15ml glass bottle with cork cap
  2. Seeds (mainly vegetable seeds)
  3. Thank you card

The bottles can be customized for higher-order sizes. If you want to write a custom message or custom seeds on the card, you can write in order comments. Custom messages and seeds are only for orders of more than twenty bottles. So, gifting gardening items on special occasions is creative and fun.

Anti-hair fall Neem Wood Comb, Wooden Tongue Cleaner, and Bamboo Toothbrush: The Eco-friendly Gifts For Your Loved One

The adult bamboo toothbrush is prepare from the finest non-chemically bamboo with soft charcoal bristles. The bamboo brushes are completely biodegradable. The bristles are soft and are design for soft massage on the gums and teeth.

Switching to a bamboo brush is the susceptible service that one can do to protect the mother earth. Every year more than five billion toothbrushes enter the ocean. So, why not switch to a bamboo brush today!

The anti hair fall neem wood comb is wonderful and environmentally friendly. The comb has many benefits:

  1. Helps to reduce dandruff
  2. Helps to reduce hair fall
  3. Prevents allergies

Comb your hair regularly with this neem wood comb and inculcate a positive lifestyle.

The wooden tongue cleaner has lots of benefits, such as:

  1. It drags out dreadful tongue coatings, bad smells, and taste from the mouth
  2. Made with wood, chemical-free, eco-friendly, and is hygienic
  3. This is soft on the tongue 

Cleaning the tongue is effective and is a way to lead a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Seeds Card: Gifting Gardening Items On Special Occasions As Thank You and Happy Birthday Customized Gift Cards

The happy birthday seeds card comes in various colors and sizes. The cards contain seeds inside them. But he manual to grow the seed is printed on the back of the card.

The thank you seeds card comes in various colors and sizes. These cards contain seeds inside them. But the procedure to use this card is mentioned at the back of the card.

So, gifting gardening items on special occasions which are eco-friendly and biodegradable to your friends, family, and loved ones is a way to spread awareness of sustainable living. We also have a collection of a variety of vegetable seeds, fruit seeds, follower seeds, manures, and other gardening tools and essentials.

Why Choose The Affordable Organic Store (TAOS)?

The supermarkets are crowded with all the brands but still if you are looking for pure unprocessed honey, it is difficult to find. It was this search for pure products away from the factory farms that led us to start our store.

Today the world is full of unhealthy lifestyles and food-related diseases. Heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer have become part of our lives. What worries us is that these diseases have gradually crept into our children as well. Obesity and early maturity in kids are growing. Even the cases of diabetes and food allergy in kids are coming up. With this store “The Affordable Organic Store“, we want to provide options to you to access good food at the right price.

Happy Gardening!


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