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How to grow strawberry seeds/ plants in India?

How to grow strawberry seeds/ plants in India?


Growing plants is not only just a hobby or pastime but indeed you conceive a baby in the form of plants, you give birth to another living being. You have contributed to the ecosystem which is greater than any achievement. Because plants not only provide an enticing decoration but a positive environment too. 

Hectic schedules, restless lives, workload, and much more pressure tend to make your life filled with dullness and debris. But plants also tend to make it filled with freshness and happiness along with positive energy. Gardening is not at all a difficult task to do, all you need is to get up from your couch and with discrete behavior cultivate plants. 

Here are some tips for beginners to grow strawberries: 

  • Make sure to have enough space to put many pots in a single place because stems need space to grow up. So, having fewer plants is not an issue but not providing a healthy environment is. 
  • While making the soil germinate seeds in a seedling tray, use 60%of coco peat and 40%compost soil
  • If planting in a container add potting mix for better growth.
  • It’s good to provide homemade compost to plants. You can easily make compost at home with kitchen waste, for example, banana peel, vegetable peel or tea compost, and some soil. 
  • During the process of transplantation, make sure that the potting soil should contain 50%of garden soil, 40%of compost soil, and 10% of fine sand. This helps the plants to grow fast along with necessary fertilizers. 
  • Also always keep plants in the pots that have a drainage hole. 
  • Provide support to vine climbers, regular trimming to vines, and remove yellow or dead leaves on time. They are only sucking essential nutrients from the plants.
  • Try to loosen up the soil regularly for better absorption of water and to help roots in extremities. 

How to grow strawberries from seeds? 

We all are aware of the taste of strawberries. The mesmerizing taste with marvelous benefits of strawberries that none of us can resist ourselves from. But nowadays we all know that most of the edible products are grown up from hybrid seeds and are chemical-based. 

Everyone wants you to eat organic vegetables and fruits. 

Here is an entire process to grow strawberries at home with an easy process:

  • Extract the seeds from the fruits of the strawberry itself. There are multiple black seeds in pores. Remove them with the help of the fingers but make sure to do it gently with care. 
  • After taking the extracted seeds, put them into a seedling tray and leave it till the seeds start to germinate. 
  • Make sure that to plant them in a good quality of soil and the ratio of soil is given above in the tips. 
  • The seeds will start to germinate within 15-20 days of maximum duration. 
  • Seeds are ready to do the transplantation process but do it very carefully and make sure the pot contains holes. 
  • Make sure to plant at least 5-6 inches of gap between each plant. This will help them to grow faster and also enough space for root extremities. 
  • Place the pot into space where they can get around 5-7 hours of sunlight daily. 
  • The temperature must be 60°-70°C.
  • Regular trimming is significant because it helps to remove extra stems so that the main stem can get all the necessary nutrients and also remove yellow and dead leaves because they are useless and absorb essential proteins. 
  • Give 1-inch water regularly. Whenever you feel that soil starts to dry up. 
  • Avoid watering the leaves. 
  • Once the strawberries get red, (it takes an average of 8weeks to grow fully) harvest them because harvesting increases more fruits or vegetables to grow. 
  • You can store extra berries for dry up, jam, or extract more seeds. 

You can also purchase organic seeds from the given link. https://theaffordableorganicstore.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiA6aSABhApEiwA6Cbm_zn7aLLlDwxJzw3ZbGKImRlgaZGjUI3AGrPvgAooWOQg-41bCPe1IhoCHc8QAvD_BwE


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