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How To Grow Bitter Gourd seeds/ plants in India?

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About Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd is an Asian edible fruits and it grows on vine climbers

The other name is bitter lemon .

The scientific name is Momordica Charantia.

The fruit is soft, green in color and upper layer is mostly rough. The flower which helps the pollination process are of yellow color. The length of the vine can be 15-17 feet long and the extremity of breadth can be up to 15 inches. The suitable circumstances to cultivate bitter gourd are months of late spring and early summer otherwise it is versatile vegetable. But favorable environment is of heat and humidity.

Benefits of Bitter Gourd

There can be multiple possible benefits of growing the plants but majors are -:

  • It have several essential nutrients which helps the natural growth of body.
  • The main reason to consume karela is it helps in reduction of blood sugar.
  • It releases antibiotics to fight with cancer germs.
  • Regular consumption leads to reduce obesity.
  • It helps to maintain the cholesterol level.

Side effects :

As we all know that every little matter have both the positive and negative aspects and over consumption always lead to disadvantage. The major disadvantages are -:

  • Regular consumption leads to diarrhea
  • For pregnant women , there are scientific research that it may cause vaginal bleeding .
  • Though it helps to fight with cancer disease but too much addition to diet can cause the liver damage.


Unlike other vegetables, you can add bitter gourd to your diet into different forms.

  • You can consume as juice. Juice is very effective for diabetic patients.
  • You can cook different forms of dishes such as roared karela, karela ka bharta etc…
  • For storing purpose, you can also make pickle from bitter gourd.

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How To Grow Bitter Gourd

  • The very first step to prepare soil and space. You can use normal compost soil.
  • Before the seeding process, cover the soul with any layer for few days. We do this to cover the moisture.
  • You can put the seeds with the gap of 5-6 inches and 2 inches deep.
  • Regular watering is must because moisture is favorable condition to grow fast.
  • Provide support and after 12-17 weeks, your vegetables will ready to harvest. Normally one plants contains 12-15 bitter gourd.
  • Sometimes vine can catch diseases and pests . These pests can be harmful so try to avoid with the help of pest controller and compost .

Here is the link for visual knowledge.

If you don’t have seeds,then you can purchase from the store,

Bitter Gourd Seeds


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