How to grow cucumber seeds/ plants in India?

How to grow cucumber seeds/ plants in India?

Cucumber seeds are easy to grow, which has a lot of nutritional value. It is served as salad, smoothie, cooked as a vegetable, and also it is used to make pickles. So, here is a guide to growing cucumber at home to get access all year round.

Steps to germinate cucumber seeds:

  1. For germinating cucumber seeds take a seedling tray and fill it with coco peat.
  2. Make a 0.5 inches deep hole and put 2-3 seeds in the hole.
  3. Fill the hole with coco peat and spray some water.
  4. After the seeds start germinating put them in a container or ground as per your choice. (Growing in a medium and slightly larger container can help you to get more cucumber). Be gentle while planting.


  1. Using the potting mix is beneficial because it contains nutrients and helps in pest control.
  2. But if growing in the soil make sure to add VermiCompost, neem cake powder, and seaweed fertilizer.
  3. Vegetable peels, banana peels, and tea compost can also be used. 

Water requirements: 

  • Give 25-50 mm of water per week (avoid watering the leaves).
  • Provide water on the roots, not on the leaves.

Container to use for cucumber growth: 

Optional: Trellis can be used for support.

Seed germination time: 

The seeds take 7-8 days to germinate.

Soil type: 

  • The soil pH must be from 5.5-7.0, which is slightly acidic to neutral.
  • Light and sandy soil are mostly preferred by cucumber germination.

Temperature range to grow:

21-30 degrees C.

Sunlight needed

Full sunlight (at least 6-8hours).

Time to flower/fruit: 

  • It takes 9 weeks to germinate fully.
  • Pluck them before it gets brown.

Health Benefits: 

The freshly ripened cucumbers of your garden have many nutritional values-

  • Contains antioxidants.
  • Promotes hydration.
  • Aids in weight loss.
  • Lowers Blood sugar level.
  • Consists Vitamin A, C, and K.
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