Bright French Orange Marigold flowers bloomming in a field

How To Grow Marigold Seeds/ plants in India?

Marigolds are a multi-layer flower that is crowded with petals. The marigold seeds are easy to grow and require a mild climate to grow. It is available in yellow, orange, red, and maroon colors in various shapes and sizes.  

Marigolds are a popular flower among gardeners. The flowers are used for religious purposes and decoration, especially to make garlands.

The best thing is, marigold is adapted to different varieties of soil. Thus, it’s convenient to grow in every soil. 

Which can be grown on the terrace, balcony, hanging buckets, and in the garden. 

In this article, we will guide you to grow marigold seeds at your home.

How To Sow Marigold Seeds?

  1. Soak the seeds in warm water overnight for better germination.
  2. Take a Seedling Tray and fill it with Cocopeat.
  3. Make ½ inch deep holes and put 4 seeds in each hole.
  4. Sow the seeds vertically for better sprouting.
  5. Fill the hole with Cocopeat and spray with water.
  6. Seeds will germinate within a week.
  7. The time to flower is 8 weeks.
  8. The best season to grow marigolds is in September, January-March.

How Much Water Do Marigold Seeds Need To Grow?

  1. Water them about 2 inches when the soil is dry.
  2. According to the requirements, water can be given alternatively.
  3. Don’t pour water on the leaves, as it will rot.
  4. Make a drainage system, so the excess water can flow down.

How Much Sunlight Does Marigold Seeds Need to Grow?

  1. It needs full sunlight to grow.
  2. The best temperature to grow marigold is 18° to 20° C.
  3. Temperatures above 35°C prohibit the growth, which directs to deduction in flower size and quantity.

Which Type Of Soil Is Best Suited For Marigolds?

  1. Marigolds grow in every soil type.
  2. But it grows best in sandy, well-drained, and loamy soil.
  3. A pH of 5.8-6.5 is better to grow marigolds.

Which Fertilizers Are Good For Marigolds?

  1. VermiCompost for nutrients every week.
  2. Seaweed once a month for greener leaves.
  3. Epsom salt for better blooming once a month.


  1. If growing in a pot, take a Medium Size Pot and add a good Potting Mix.
  2. If planting in the soil, then add Neem cake powder, VermiCompost, and Seaweed.

Varieties Of Marigold

  1. African marigold
  2. French marigold (orange and yellow)
  3. Single signet marigold
  4. Hybrid marigold
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