Organic Garden For Small Spaces: Tips For Balconies, Patios And Urban Gardens

Organic Garden For Small Spaces: Tips For Balconies, Patios And Urban Gardens

With the advancement in science and technology, people have started understanding the importance of organic food and the underlying health benefits associated with it. Now, to procure organic food we have 2 options Рeither to procure them from the market at high prices or to grow it yourself at home. Growing food in your organic garden not only saves a lot of money but also has health benefits for you and your family. 

To do organic gardening we first need a garden. However, with the clustered urban settlement it is difficult to have personal gardens to grow your food. To solve this problem here we are providing certain tips for doing organic gardening in smaller spaces like the balconies at your home, the patio at the back of your house, or shared community urban gardens. 

Organic gardening in smaller spaces requires one to maximize the available space along with working on controlling pest problems. To start your organic urban garden all you need is a sunny spot on a relatively level surface, some containers, potting soil, and the right seeds. 

To do organic gardening in smaller spaces like balconies, patios, and urban gardens there are a few things that should be kept in mind. 

Choice of plant РPlants taking up more space should be avoided like pumpkins and winter squash. Sticking to smaller plants best suited for containers like herbs, lettuce, annual flowers, tomatoes, etc. is a great choice. Growing compact varieties of veggies like eggplant, spring onions, peppers, radishes, and pole beans best-fit balconies and patios. 

Perfect location РThe most important thing to keep in mind before starting your organic garden is to choose a perfect location on your balcony and patio. This decision should be taken keeping in mind the amount of available sunlight and nearness to the water supply. Sunlight and water are the most important resources for growing a healthy garden. 

Friendly soil РFor a healthy garden the type of soil used is an important factor. A good soil type will lead to a nutritious, pest-free, and abundant harvest. Using high-quality potting soil mixed with compost helps in faster growth. 

Here are some ideas to grow more in smaller spaces

Growing in hanging baskets РThere are a few veggies and flowers which can be perfectly grown in hanging baskets like tomatoes, chilies, herbs, salad greens, etc. You can hang these baskets from rooftops, balconies, window panes, etc. 

Growing in containers РPlastic and glazed ceramic containers with a hole at the bottom are best suited to grow plants in small spaces. Small containers can easily support plants like spinach, tomatoes, microgreens, lettuce, etc. Medium containers can best hold eggplant, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, etc. 

Growing vertical gardens РGrowing plants vertically with support will give space for other plants. Plants best suited to grow vertically are cherry tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, strawberries, etc. For successful vertical garden walls, cover fences, attach pots and plant stands can be used perfectly. 

Interplanting РLong-term plants can be interplanted with fast-growing ones. 

Eg Рcabbages and broccoli can be grown with herbs, pea shoots, etc. By the time long term plants need space fast growing ones will already be harvested. 

Growing Hydroponically РGrowing plants without soil in a water-based solution is one of the perfect ideas for gardening in small spaces. It is best suited for gardening in balconies, patios, and window panes without much hassle. 


It is always advisable to grow compact fruits, vegetables, and flowers in a small-spaced garden. Bushy plants not only take up more space but also prevent smaller plants from getting adequate sunlight. Proper spacing of plants is necessary for healthy growth. Choosing crops that can be continuously harvested is a boon, as it reduces the work to crop again and again. The location, space, sunlight, soil, and availability of water will surely affect what is possible to grow but growing plants in your personal space will surely make your life feel better and happier. 

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Happy Gardening!


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