How to germinate papaya seeds/ plants in India?

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Papaya fruit is a versatile fruit whose root, fruit, stem, etc. any part can be used. Not only Papaya but you can also call it PAWPAW, PAPAW. The scientific name of the papaya fruit is Carisa Papaya. The fruit helps to cure several diseases. It contains a chemical substance called papain and it helps to break down the proteins. It also contains another chemical known as carpain which helps to dismiss the viruses like parasites. Overall it justifies its title of versatility because you can also use it as raw, salad, vegetable, smoothie, etc. and also the richness of vitamins and other benefits.

Benefits Of Papaya Fruit

Cancer It is scientifically proven that papaya helps to cure the cancer virus and it prevents the gallbladder.

Digestive System Regular consumption of papaya helps to improve digestion and it helps to produce more enzymes to prevent acidic/gastric problems.

Skin By adding papaya to your diet, you can easily get glowing and healthy skin. It also prevents acne and pimple and clears the blood dirt.

Other Not only it controls the risk of asthma but it prevents heart diseases and other problems like bone density, hair fall, etc.

How To Grow Papaya Tree?

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There are few simple steps to germinate the papaya seeds. The following steps are-

  1. Take few dry papaya seeds and keep them at some cool place.
  2. You need good soil that is rich in nutrients. The process of transplant does not suit to papaya tree so, try to grow directly in the large pot.
  3. Daily 6-7 hours of sunlight is mandatory because of its nature and to grow fast.
  4. Before sprinkling the seeds into the soil, cover the soil with any layer for few days. This process is to maintain the moisture of the soil.
  5. Once you sprinkle the seeds, wait for few days, your seeds will start to germinate after 1-2 weeks.
  6. Once the plant will grow, you have to identify the gender of the plant because the male gender does not produce fruits. Instead of it, it will occupy the space.
  7. Due to enormous leaves, you have to water them regularly.
  8. There is always a high risk of pests and other diseases so prevent yourself with a better pest controller and fertilizer in advance.
  9. To maintain the richness of the soil, add VermiCompost and other manures.
  10. Naturally, the fruits will come after 10-12 weeks but once they will grow, try to harvest once they are ready because the more you will harvest, the more they will come.
  11. You can save seeds for the next time. You will not only have organic seeds but also you won’t spend extra money.

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