A. Afneerath Ahamed@ Easy Gardening Tamil

A. Afneerath Ahamed@ Easy Gardening Tamil

A. Afneerath Ahamed@ Easy Gardening Tamil

If you want to know some practical and fun ways to grow fruits and flowers in Tamil, you might want to check out the YouTube channel Easy Gardening Tamil by A. Afneerath Ahamed. He has a BSc in Plantation Management, a Diploma in Agriculture, and a P.M. Dip in H.R.M.

He started home gardening years ago, and using his knowledge and expertise in plantation management and agriculture has discovered some unique ideas for planting fruits and flowers in his home garden. He loves sharing these tips and tricks with fellow gardening friends through his vlogs.

In his vlogs, he shares ‘how to’ and DIY vlogs on growing plants from seeds and cuttings, garden decor ideas, tools, fertilizers, and other related topics.

Some of his popular videos are:

How to grow Apple plant from seeds

In this vlog, he provides an easy and reliable technique for sprouting seeds of your preferred apple variety and cultivating them to obtain seedlings for your garden. However, he advises that the fruit produced by these seeds may not resemble the original apple used to extract the seeds.

How to plant a Rose tree

In this vlog, he shares tips to repot the rose plant from a grow bag into a pot of the right size. He also shares the soil mix which he prepares by mixing garden soil, cocopeat, cow dung compost, ash, neem cake powder, and aftercare tips.

How to grow Guava plant from cuttings

Here he suggests taking a stem cutting that is pencil-sized in thickness and starting the rooting process by either using a rooting hormone or dipping one end of the cutting in aloe vera or tomato, which are a source of a natural rooting hormone. He also presents his findings after 30 days.

How to grow Strawberries from seeds

In this informative vlog, he provides a comprehensive guide on cultivating strawberries at home. He explains the process of obtaining seeds from ripe strawberries and planting them in a mixture of 50% garden soil and 50% compost. He also shares the techniques for propagating the plants and harvesting the fruits, with an update on the results after 75 days.

How to save the dying Rose plant

Here he discusses the miraculous effects of DNP fertilizer in rescuing a dying rose plant. Additionally, he recommends utilizing compost made from kitchen waste as an environmentally-friendly alternative to DNP.

He also has some distinct gardening vlogs including:

  • How to grow fruiting plants such as cherries, mangoes, kiwis, ornamental plants such as dancing plants, money plants, flowering plants such as Mirabilis jalapa, Dahlia, vegetables such as peppers, and more.
  • Why are there no seeds in Jasmine plants?
  • What is Agrivoltaic Farming (Solar Panels)?
  • How to prepare moss sticks for the money plant.
  • How to collect onion seeds from plants.

Apart from this, you can also enjoy nursery visits and garden tours on this channel.

For more such practical gardening tips and solutions and unique informational gardening vlogs in Tamil subscribe to A. Afneerath Ahamed’s YouTube channel by clicking here: (46) Easy Gardening Tamil РYouTube.

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Happy Gardening!


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