Avtar Singh Sandhu, Who Turned His Terrace into a Green Paradise

Avtar Singh Sandhu, Who Turned His Terrace Into A Green Paradise

Avtar Singh Sandhu, Who Turned His Terrace Into A Green Paradise

Avtar Singh Sandhu is a Punjabi vlogger who runs two Gardening channels on YouTube: Green Life Punjab and Green Life Diaries. His mission is to motivate those who don’t have land to grow their food on the terrace.

He started terrace gardening during covid to grow organic vegetables, fruits, and medicinal herbs for his family. He started his YouTube channels to share his experience and knowledge through his vlogs.

Avtar Singh, along with his wife and other family members, has created a beautiful terrace farm with a huge variety of fruit, vegetable, medicinal, and flowering plants that range from indigenous to exotic.

You can discover stunning floral arrangements, terrace garden excursions, insightful harvesting blogs, and useful gardening DIYs on his channels. He shares tips on repurposing various waste materials, like old PVC pipes, plastic containers, bottles, and cans, to create planters for nurturing fruits and vegetables.

He has also beautified his terrace walls with thoughtful quotes and poems related to gardening.

Avtar Singh has a dedicated medicinal corner where he grows plants such as Ashwagandha, harsingar, three varieties of Tulsi, ajwain, lemon grass, neem, and some rare plants such as Sukh Chain (Indian Beech Tree), cardamom, peppermint, insulin (Costus igneus), and Allspice (Jamaican pepper). He says that these plants are very beneficial for health and immunity.

Some of his popular vlogs are:

Winter terrace kitchen garden tour

In this vlog, he shows his winter terrace garden where he grows veggies such as mustard, spinach, coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, and more, and fruits such as sugarcane, guava, banana, Jamun, and more. He gives useful tips on how to utilize less space to grow more vegetables.

Bumper harvesting from kitchen garden

In this vlog, he shows the harvesting of different varieties of brinjals, bottle gourds, and bitter gourds. He suggests using neem water spray and ash as organic fungicides and insecticides. He also shows how he uses glue sticks and organic traps to control the insect attack.

How to grow Arbi (Colocasia) and Turmeric on terrace

In this vlog, he shares his tips and tricks on how to grow Arbi and turmeric on the terrace, including the best month to grow them, the pots to choose for growing them on the terrace, and essential measures such as regular weeding for the best results. 

Flower drop problem in vegetables

In this vlog, he explains in detail the reasons for flower dropping such as over or under-watering, sudden change in temperature, lack of pollinators, wind storms, fungal infections, etc., resulting in lesser fruiting in the Cucurbitaceae family. He also suggests some practical solutions to prevent this problem.

How to start gardening on terrace

In this vlog, he gives a terrace garden overview and complete information on terrace gardening for beginners. He shows how he uses a blend of traditional and modern methods of farming on their terrace farm.

He has several other informative vlogs including:

  • How to install green net on the terrace.
  • How to grow fruits on the terrace.
  • Different organic ways to prevent insect attacks in terrace gardens.
  • How to use grow bags for terrace gardening.

Avtar Singh and his wife strongly believe that the young generation should know that ‘the food they eat comes from the ground and not plastic bags.’ They also encourage their viewers to adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating fresh and organic food.

If you have any questions or queries related to organic terrace gardening, you can ask Avtar Singh Sandhu through his YouTube channels or social media platforms. He will be happy to answer your queries and help you in your terrace gardening journey.

To know more about terrace gardening, especially in the Northern plains of India, subscribe to his Punjabi channel (821) GreenLife Punjab – YouTube and Hindi channel (821) GreenLife Diaries – YouTube. You will surely get inspired by his passion and dedication to gardening.

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