Balcony Gardening with Rita: How to Create Best Out of Waste

Balcony Gardening with Rita: How to Create Best Out of Waste

If you love gardening but live in a small apartment with limited space, you might think that having a beautiful garden is impossible. But don’t lose hope, because there is a way to enjoy the benefits of nature even on a tiny balcony. Just ask Rita Singh, a YouTuber who makes detailed vlogs on balcony gardening and has over 12k subscribers.

Rita Singh started her YouTube journey in 2019 and since then she has been sharing tips to beautify balcony gardens, create DIYs using waste material, and come up with unique ideas for garden decor. Her vlogs are informative and inspiring, as she shows how you can create a green paradise on your balcony with minimal budget and effort.

Some of her popular vlogs are:

Homemade Plant Stand for Free: 

In this vlog, Rita shows how she made a 3-tier plant stand using bricks, waste tiles, and leftover pieces of artificial grass. This plant stand is not only free of cost but also adds to the aesthetics of her balcony.

Beautiful Tower Stand from Waste Material: 

In this vlog, Rita shows how she created a vertical garden using a waste pipe and some old plastic bottles. This tower stand looks amazing and is an innovative way to grow plants without spending on expensive vertical gardening setups.

20+ Plants to Grow in Small Spaces: 

In this vlog, she shows how she grows plants such as spider plants, wandering jew, jade plant, tangle heart, sansevieria, and more in old and broken coffee mugs to beautify her balcony and indoor space. She also explains how she prepares potting mix for these plants.

How to Make Powerful Organic Fertilizer Using Tea Leaves: 

In this vlog, she shares the procedure of making organic fertilizer using leftover tea leaves. She recommends it, especially for flowering plants such as Hibiscus and rose. She says that tea leaves are rich in nitrogen and can significantly boost the growth and blooming of plants.

Zero Budget Planters from Waste: 

In this vlog, Rita shows how to use old plastic bottles, PVC pipes, clay pots, old shoes, mugs, used food containers, thermocol boxes, coconut shells, and even an old football and jeans for making beautiful planters. She says these planters are low-cost, eco-friendly, creative, and fun to make.

Some of her other videos are:

Organic Manure from Kitchen Waste: In this video, she shows how to make organic manure from kitchen waste such as vegetable peels, tea leaves, peanut shells, etc. She says that this manure is rich in nutrients and can improve the soil quality and health of plants.

Jade Plant Topiaries in Beautiful Shapes: In this video, she shows how to make jade plant topiaries in different shapes such as peacocks, pyramids, balls, etc., using wireframes and pruning techniques. She says that jade plants are easy to grow and maintain and can be shaped into any form.

Gardening Tips for Terrace Plants: In this video, Rita shares some gardening tips for various terrace plants such as portulaca, jade, Shami, Aparajita, and more that can survive all types of weather conditions and add color and beauty to the balcony.

Rita’s vlogs prove that low-budget balcony gardening is not only possible but also enjoyable and rewarding. 

If you want to learn more about her balcony gardening journey, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel (661) RITA BALCONY GARDEN – YouTube and follow her on Facebook

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Happy Gardening!

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