Dr. Anshu Rathi: A Dentist, Mommy, and Digital Creator

Dr. Anshu Rathi: A Dentist, Mommy, and Digital Creator

Dr. Anshu Rathi: A Dentist, Mommy, and Digital Creator

Dr. Rathi Anshu is a dentist, mother, plant lover, and digital creator from Uttarakhand. She shares her passion for plants on her Instagram and YouTube channels @myplantsmygarden. Dr. Anshu has a wealth of knowledge about plant care and is always happy to share her tips with her followers. She also offers DIY tutorials on how to create beautiful and functional plant displays.

Here are some of Dr. Anshu’s most popular Instagram reels where she shares her tips and tricks to grow a prolific home garden:

8 Lucky plants for money and fortune

Dr. Anshu believes that certain plants can bring good luck and fortune into your home. She recommends the following plants for attracting wealth: Crassula ovata, Shami plant, Chinese money plant, pennywort, lucky bamboo, pothos, tulsi, and snake plant.

Plants that grow easily in water 

If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry! Many plants can thrive in water. Dr. Anshu recommends the following plants for water gardening: lucky bamboo, philodendron, Wedelia, purple heart, Portulaca, rubber plant, sweet potato vine, and Syngonium.

DIY planter using white cement, plastic bottle, and thread

In this reel, she shares a fun and easy way to create a unique planter under 100 for wall and table decor. All you need is white cement, a loop, a plastic box, a plastic bottle, and some thread.

1 Magic fertilizer to solve all problems related to pothos

Pothos is a popular houseplant, but it can be susceptible to several problems such as browning, yellowing, or burning of leaves. Dr. Anshu recommends using a simple remedy of using dried tea leaves, dried banana peels, and Epsom salt to keep your pothos healthy and thriving.

5 Tips to grow strawberries in pots

Strawberries are a delicious and easy fruit to grow at home. Dr. Anshu shares her top 5 tips for growing strawberries in pots such as selecting the right saplings from the nursery, planting them in November, selecting the right sized pots, preparing the right soil mix, using banana peel and cow dung manure, and spraying the saplings with seaweed and bio-enzyme spray.

3 Powerful ways to use banana peel as fertilizer 

Banana peels are a great source of potassium for plants. Dr. Anshu shares 3 ways to use banana peels as fertilizer i.e., as liquid fertilizer, as dry peel powder, and as dry peel trench compost.

Pro tips for growing healthy succulents

Succulents are low-maintenance plants perfect for people who don’t have much time to garden. But many people find it difficult to maintain them for a long period. Dr. Anshu shares her pro tips for growing healthy succulents. She recommends using clay pots with large drainage holes, well-draining soil mix, watering them with a spray bottle, and providing them with 4-5 hours of direct sunlight.

Tips to grow lettuce leaves at home

Lettuce is a fast-growing vegetable that can be grown indoors or outdoors. Dr. Anshu shares her tips for growing lettuce leaves at home. She suggests buying saplings of lettuce, using 6-inch pots, using a soil mix with garden soil and cow dung compost, leaving a gap of 3-4 inches between the saplings, and maintaining the moisture levels for healthy and tasty lettuce leaves.

3 Magic tricks to grow more flowers

Dr. Anshu shares 3 magic tricks to help your plants grow more flowers. She suggests removing the dried flowers or deadheading and the dried leaves do the trick. She also recommends using bio-enzyme solution as a foliage spray every 15 days for ample flowering.

Must grow plants for pest control

Several aromatic plants can help to control pests in your garden. Dr. Anshu’s top 5 picks for must-grow plants for pest control are mint, tulsi, garlic, onion, lemongrass, and green coriander. She also suggests some flowering plants such as marigolds, cosmos, and nasturtiums.

Dr. Anshu’s Instagram channel is a great resource for plant lovers of all levels. She offers helpful tips, advice, and beautiful photos of her plants. If you’re looking for inspiration for your plant collection, be sure to follow her on her YouTube channel (739) Dentist mommy – YouTube and her Instagram page Dr. Rathi Anshu / Plant care tips, DIY, Decor (@myplantsmygarden) ‚ÄĘ Instagram photos and videos

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Happy Gardening!

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