Manisha Desai, The Marathi Vlogger Who Inspires You To Grow Your Organic Food

Manisha Desai, The Marathi Vlogger Who Inspires You To Grow Your Organic Food

Manisha Desai, The Marathi Vlogger Who Inspires You To Grow Your Organic Food

If you are looking for some inspiration to start your organic terrace garden, you should check out Manisha Desai’s Marathi YouTube channel Manisha Terrace Gardening Vlog. Manisha is a homemaker and a popular Marathi vlogger from Pune, who loves to share organic gardening tips, terrace garden tours, recipes, and more through her YouTube channel.

She grows a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers on her terrace, using organic methods and homemade fertilizers and pesticides. On her channel, you can find videos on how to grow different vegetables and fruits on the terrace.

She also shows how to prepare liquid fertilizers using ingredients like aloe vera, jaggery, cow dung compost, and kitchen waste. She explains in detail the benefits of these fertilizers and how to use them for plant growth and pest control.

Some of her popular videos are:

1. How to grow colocasia (taro) on terrace

Colocasia is a vegetable whose leaves are used to prepare a local Maharashtrian dish called alu wadi. In this video, Manisha shares several useful tips such as how to fertilize it and when and how to harvest its leaves.

2. Rose plant care tips in August

In this video, Manisha shows how to prune rose plants and how to add fertilizer which she prepares by mixing cow dung compost, neem khali, bone meal, DAP, and chuna (calcium carbonate) powder for maximum flowering.

3. How to use jivamrut for plant growth

Jivamrut is a liquid fertilizer prepared from cow dung compost that helps in plant growth. In this video, Manisha shares the technique to dilute it and use it for terrace gardening.

4. Beautiful plants on terrace garden in July

In this video, she gives a terrace garden update in July. She shows her organic vegetables such as bitter gourd, brinjal, tomatoes, Colocasia, turmeric, okra, and more. She also shows her fruits such as mango, guava, and mosambi. She also shows how she has created a trellis with jute ropes to support her climbers.

5. Homemade aloe vera liquid fertilizer

In this video, she shows how to prepare liquid fertilizer using aloe vera in just five days. She uses aloe vera leaves, jaggery, and water. She says that this liquid fertilizer is very beneficial for plants as it acts both as a fertilizer as well as an insecticide.

Apart from gardening videos, Manisha also has many other vlogs on her channel. She takes her viewers to her native places, where she loves showing the natural beauty and culture of Maharashtra. She also shares some of her recipes using vegetables from her garden.

Manisha is very grounded in her roots and loves organic gardening. She encourages her viewers to do the same and grow their food. She says that gardening is not only good for health but also the environment. She hopes that her channel will inspire more people to take up terrace gardening and enjoy its benefits.

If you are interested in learning more about Manisha’s terrace gardening vlog, you can subscribe to her channel here: (773) Manisha Terrace gardening vlog – YouTube

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