Marathi Baagkam By Dhanashree Kulkarni Neurgaonkar

Marathi Baagkam By Dhanashree Kulkarni Neurgaonkar

Marathi Baagkam By Dhanashree Kulkarni Neurgaonkar

If you are a gardening lover and want to learn more about medicinal plants and flowers, you should definitely check out the Marathi YouTube channel Marathi Baagkam. It is run by Mrs. Dhanashree Kulkarni Neurgaonkar, a talented and passionate gardener from Pune, Maharashtra. She has done M. Sc. in Botany and courses such as Floral Designing Advanced Course and Plant Nursery Management Course to enrich her knowledge. She has a lot of experience in this field and started sharing it with the world through her YouTube channel in 2020.

On her channel, you can find many interesting and informative vlogs about gardening, plants, and flowers.

Some of her popular vlogs are:

1. How to grow coriander at home by Marathi Baagkam

In this vlog, she shows you how she sows coriander seeds, what kind of soil mix she uses, how much water and sunlight the seedlings need, and what mature coriander plants would look like.

2. Dr. Avinash Lele’s terrace garden tour

¬†In this vlog, she takes you on a tour of the amazing terrace garden of Prof. Dr. Avinash Lele, who has worked as a professor in an Ayurvedic College in Pune. He has a large collection of medicinal plants, some of which are common and some are rare. You can see plants such as ‘flame of the forest’, Gulbakshi, lemon grass, Brahmi, pomegranate, Tulsi, betel leaf, and many more. He also shares his knowledge and experience of using these plants for various health benefits.

3. Bryophyllum pinnatum medicinal uses

In this vlog, Dhanashree tells you about the general information and medicinal uses of this plant, which is also known as ‘life plant’ or ‘miracle leaf’. She also gives you very useful tips on how to use this plant for ailments such as kidney stones, ulcers, inflammation, and external injuries.

4. Medicinal uses of Adhatoda vasica (Adulsa)

In this vlog, she introduces you to this evergreen medicinal plant, which is also known as ‘Malabar nut’ or ‘vasaka’. She gives you general information about it and how to use it for cough and cold.

5. Medicinal uses and health benefits of Tulsi

In this vlog, she explains why Tulsi is also called the ‘queen of herbs‚Äô because of its several medicinal properties. She tells you that Tulsi is rich in vitamins and minerals and can be used for headaches, fever, cough and cold, and even cancer. She also shows you how to prepare tulsi tea and use it for different ailments such as kidney stones, urinary infections, mouth ulcers, etc.

  • Apart from these vlogs, you can also find many other vlogs on her channel where she shares her garden care tips for flowering plants such as Zinnia, Kanher, Gerbera, Jasmine, Porcupine flower, etc.
  • She also has many other videos on indoor plant care tips for plants such as asparagus, ZZ, coleus, Dracaena, spider plant, and more.
  • She also takes you on balcony garden tours of other gardening enthusiasts and gives you lots of tips to grow plants at home.
  • You can find many short videos where she showcases beautiful flowers such as marigolds, Mexican portulaca, vinca, hibiscus, and more from her garden or other places.

If you are interested in more such unique and rare gardening topics in Marathi, subscribe to Dhanashree’s YouTube channel Marathi Baagkam (756) ŗ§ģŗ§įŗ§ĺŗ§†ŗ•Ä ŗ§¨ŗ§ĺŗ§óŗ§ēŗ§ĺŗ§ģ – YouTube and hit the bell icon to get notified of her new videos. You will surely enjoy watching her vlogs and learn a lot from her.

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Happy Gardening!




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