Ratnakar Jadhav: The Marathi YouTuber Who Teaches Farming and Gardening

Ratnakar Jadhav: The Marathi YouTuber Who Teaches Farming and Gardening

Ratnakar Jadhav is a Marathi YouTuber who makes informative and engaging videos on various topics about farming and gardening. He gives detailed information related to plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables in his videos that are not only practical but easy to follow. 

Some of his popular vlogs are:

How to Grow Colocasia on the Terrace: 

In this vlog, he provides useful tips for increasing the size of Colocasia leaves, which are used to make a popular Maharashtrian dish. He also shows how to prepare the soil, plant the tubers, water and fertilize them, and harvest them. 

How to Do Bud Grafting in Roses: 

In this vlog, he takes his viewers to a local nursery to explain how bud grafting is done in roses. He shows how to make a T-cut on the stem, how to insert the bud, how to wrap it with tape, and how to care for the grafted plant.

3 Important Things to Do in Rose Plant in October: 

In this vlog, he gives some useful tips to get new growth in rose plants. He advises removing the mature flowers, bending the old branch to get new branches, and using different types of fertilizers to induce multiple branches which in turn leads to enhanced flowering in roses.

A Visit to a Local Fig Orchard: 

In this vlog, he takes his viewers to a fig orchard and shares interesting facts about the growing, harvesting, and packaging of this delicious fruit. He shows how figs are pollinated by wasps, how they are picked by hand, how they are sorted by size and quality, and packed in boxes for sale.

Betel Leaf Plant Propagation Through Stem Cutting: 

In this vlog, he shows a unique method of betel plant propagation that involves making a loop of the stem cutting and putting it in a grow bag to ensure a healthy sapling

He also has several other informational videos on topics such as:

Rose Plant Care: He has made several videos on rose plant care like how to control fungal and viral attacks in roses using organic as well as chemical fungicides, and pesticides.

Papaya Plant Care: Here you can get detailed information on papaya plant care including the best months to grow it, the best varieties to grow, how to plant it in the garden, as well as tips to grow it on the terrace.

Drumstick Plant Care: He has shared detailed information on the drumstick plant, which is also known as moringa or sahjan

Pomegranate Orchard Visit and Complete Information: In this vlog, he visits a pomegranate orchard and gives complete information on pomegranate cultivation.

How to Grow Herbs on the Terrace: He has shown how to grow herbs such as curry leaf plant, tulsi (holy basil), oregano, etc. on the terrace. He shows how to propagate them from cuttings or seeds, and how to care for them in pots or grow bags.

How to Grow Spinach in Compost: He has shown how to grow spinach on the terrace using compost and spinach seeds. 

Care Tips for Flowering Plants: He has given care tips for many flowering plants such as marigolds, Krishna Kamal (passion flower), Sesbania grandiflora (agathi), Aparajita (Clitoria ternatea), etc. 

Complete Information on Organic Fertilizers: He has made detailed videos on organic fertilizers such as goat manure, ‘Ghan Jeevamrut (a mixture of cow dung, cow urine, jaggery, gram flour, and water), liquid bio enzymes, and insecticides, etc. 

Ratnakar Jadhav is a passionate and knowledgeable YouTuber who teaches farming and gardening simply and practically through his vlogs. 

His videos are a great source of inspiration and information for anyone who loves plants and wants to start an orchard plantation or grow plants on a terrace. 

You can subscribe to his channel and watch his videos here: (102) Ratnakar Jadhav – YouTube

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Happy Gardening!

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