Sangeeta Kajla, the Tiny Garden YouTuber from Delhi

Sangeeta Kajla, the Tiny Garden YouTuber from Delhi

Sangeeta Kajla is a passionate gardener who loves to share her tips and tricks on how to create a beautiful terrace garden in a budget-friendly way using waste material. She started her YouTube channel, Tiny Garden, in 2018 and has since gained over 17K subscribers who enjoy watching her videos on various gardening topics.

Some of her most popular video series are:

Best Out of Waste: 

  • In this series, Sangeeta shares some very unique ways to use plastic bottles, oil cans, clay pots, broken cups and mugs, copper jugs, and old vegetable crates as planters for different types of plants.¬†
  • She also demonstrates how to decorate them with paint and other accessories to make them look attractive and unique.¬†
  • In one of her videos, she also shows how to use old egg trays to make beautiful dolls as display pieces in her garden.¬†

Plants to Grow by Dividing: 

  • In this series, Sangeeta explains how to propagate plants by dividing their roots or stems. She covers plants such as pennywort, umbrella palm, asparagus, spider lily, snake plant, Zebra Haworthia, and more.¬†
  • She also gives tips on how to care for the divided plants and how to avoid common mistakes.

How to Grow Sweet Potato Vine at Home: 

In this video, Sangeeta shows how to grow sweet potato vines from both tuber and stem cutting. She uses a soil mix of garden soil, cocopeat, sand, and compost. She also suggests watering the new plants mixed with Epsom salt and fungicide.

30 Permanent Hanging Plants: 

In this video, Sangeeta showcases 30 different plants that can be grown in hanging baskets or pots. She includes plants such as Aparajita, turtle vine, money plant, wandering jew, 4 o’clock plant, and more. She also gives advice on how to choose the right pot size, soil mix, watering frequency, and sunlight exposure for each plant.

30+ Costly Plants that can be Grown Through Cuttings:

 In this video, Sangeeta reveals how to grow expensive plants from simple cuttings. She includes plants such as Dracaena, pennywort, jade plant, philodendron, Rhoeo, kalanchoe, Bolivian jew, and more. She also explains how to prepare the cuttings, how to plant them in soil or water, and how to ensure their survival and growth.

Easy Composting for Beginners:

In this video, she shares the process of preparing kitchen compost at home by using a waste clay pot, vegetable and fruit peels, homemade bio enzyme, and buttermilk. She also shares things to avoid such as non-veg, leftover cooked food, and excreta of pets, to get a good quality compost. 

Low-Cost Garden Décor Ideas:

Sangeeta is a great artist and a pro when it comes to creating beautiful planters from waste materials such as bottles. She loves to share these ideas on her YouTube channel. 

If you are interested in learning more about eco-friendly and low-cost gardening from Sangeeta Kajla, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel Tiny Garden (384) Tiny Garden – YouTube and follow her on Instagram Tiny Garden (@tinygardensk) ‚ÄĘ Instagram photos and videos.

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Happy Gardening!

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