Vrukshvalli: Your Guide To Balcony Gardening

Vrukshvalli: Your Guide To Balcony Gardening

Vrukshvalli: Your Guide To Balcony Gardening

Vrukshvalli is a Marathi YouTube channel started by Mrs. Neelam Jadhav where she shares vlogs on how to take care of balcony plants, the best fertilizers for these plants, common diseases, and their easy and practical solutions.

Neelam loves spending time with her plants and taking care of them. She says that tending to plants is the best way to forget her worries.

In this channel, she also covers local nursery visits and online purchases of plants and other gardening accessories such as plant stands.

Popular Vlogs:

Chrysanthemum plant care tips

In this vlog, Neelam talks about chrysanthemum plant care, the best month to grow its seedlings, and details about sunlight, water, and fertilizer requirements. She also shares tips to save this plant from fungal and pest attacks such as using a spray of neem oil mixed in soap solution as well as tips to get maximum flowering in February like pinching and adding potassium-rich fertilizers.

Complete information about Money plant

The money plant is one of the most popular ornamental plants. It’s easy to grow and maintain indoors and is the best air purifier. It’s considered auspicious as it brings positive energy to the home. In this vlog, she shows how to propagate it both in water and soil from cuttings, and other details such as the best soil mix, light, water, and fertilizer requirements.

How to care for Rose plant

In this vlog, Neelam shares useful information like how and when to water the rose plant in different seasons, the best organic fertilizers such as cow dung compost, and dried tea powder to be given every 15 days. She also discusses some common problems in rose plants such as the mealybug attack and their solutions.

You can also watch detailed videos on topics like how to grow a rose plant from cuttings, common diseases in rose plants in the rainy season, and their treatment, etc.

How to care for Hibiscus plant

In this vlog, she shows some easy tips and tricks to maintain Hibiscus plants at home such as using a well-drained soil mix consisting of garden soil, cocopeat, compost, and sand, 7-8 hrs. of sunlight, regular watering, and using homemade organic fertilizers rich in potassium such as banana peel fertilizer, eggshell powder, etc. She also discusses some common diseases in this plant and their treatment.

You can also watch other videos related to hibiscus such as the winter care tips for this plant.

Gaillardia complete information and care tips

Gaillardia is a plant that gives daisy-like flowers in summer. In this vlog, you can find detailed information on this plant from how to grow it from seeds, to preparing well-drained soil for it, sunlight requirements, watering tips, and some other information like how to prevent common diseases and pest attacks.

Other informative videos available on this channel are:

  • Benefits of using different fertilizers such as cow dung compost, vermicompost, neem cake fertilizer, banana peel, tea powder, and rice water.
  • Care tips for balcony and indoor plants such as plumeria, Parijat, petunia, Chandani, lemongrass, rubber plant, spider plant, coleus, and many more.
  • Best flowering plants for different seasons such as monsoon and winter.
  • How to use humic acid, an organic growth promotor, for plants.
  • Tips to use baking soda as a pesticide.
  • How to select plants from a local nursery.
  • How to use cocopeat in soil.

If you are also interested in watching such gardening-related videos in Marathi then click on (62) ŗ§Ķŗ•Éŗ§ēŗ•ćŗ§∑ŗ§Ķŗ§≤ŗ•ćŗ§≤ŗ•Ä (Gardening ) – YouTube.

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Happy Gardening!




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