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5 Best Foliage Plants to Buy in the Monsoon

5 Best Foliage Plants To Buy In The Monsoon

5 Best Foliage Plants To Buy In The Monsoon

Foliage plants are leafy plants which have decorative, interesting, vibrant, and colourful leaves. If you are looking to improve your garden then selecting foliage plants can be important. Choose plants that can cover up dull areas without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. These can provide the perfect complement to the dramatic forms, delicate textures, and vibrant colours of your flowers. Additionally, you can also enjoy seasonal variations in foliage colours.

Hence, if you are interested to add them to your garden keep reading to know more about them.


Crotons are versatile plants that come in a wide range of hues, making them suitable for both indoors and outdoors. This shrub is known for its glossy, leathery, and vibrant foliage, and has many different types to choose from. Its leaves can be oval, crinkled, and variegated, with shades of green, white, purple, orange, yellow, red, or pink. If you are looking for a perfect decor for your house this can be your go-to plant.


Caladiums or “Angel Wings” has large arrowhead-shaped leaves in a mix of green, crimson, pink, and white which will provide a unique addition to any garden. They can thrive indoors as well as outdoors, particularly in partially shady regions, providing an unexpected burst of colour throughout the season. The fascinating patterns and hues of their leaves make them a popular choice for gardeners

In colder regions, you can cultivate them as annual plants and store them indoors during winter. These can be grown in containers or as bedding plants thereby adding vibrancy to any landscape.

Elephant Ear

The colocasia plant, which is also known as elephant ears, has broad, heart-shaped leaves that resemble the ears of an elephant. Hence the name elephant ears. This tropical perennial plant thrives well when partially submerged in water.

The leaves of this plant can grow up to one to two feet long and have a striking and dramatic texture. The leaves can be either green, purple or almost black and sometimes have striped or speckled patterns. In colder regions, it may require extra care to survive. However, They can add a dramatic touch to your landscape due to their intimidating size.

Rex Begonia

Rex begonias are tropical plants which can be grown as garden plants or indoor houseplants. These stunning plants have different leaf patterns, such as swirling, spotted, spiralling, thick, ruffled, and winged, making them a popular choice among plant collectors. Though this is a tropical plant however it is intolerant to direct sunlight.

If you are a beginner in gardening, consider growing them in containers where you can have better control over soil and growth conditions. This tropical plant comes in various forms, surfaces, and colours.


The coleus plant was a favourite bedding plant during the Victorian era. The foliage of this Victorian bedding plant is what makes it so popular today. They are also popular houseplants. The leaves of this plant range in colour from brilliant yellow to deep green.

One coleus plant can display a variety of hues, especially sun-loving ones. Examples include “Big Enchilada,” “Brilliancy,” and “Copper Sun”. To encourage more lush and vibrant leaves, pinch the plants regularly. This will also make them bushier and fuller.

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Happy Gardening!

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