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Seedling Tray (4 holes)


Buy the finest Seedling Tray (4 holes) Online for Gardening at the most affordable price of Rs.13.50 along with free Home Delivery across India at The Affordable Organic Store now.

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Seedling Tray (4 holes) gardening essentials, there are cells (holes) throughout the trays. Seedling trays are used for propagating vegetables and flowers and other plants from seed. They are also used for taking plant cuttings.

How to use?

  1. Fill the tray with cocopeat or Vermicompost.
  2. Make a hole with a pencil in the cocopeat, 10 mm deep and place one seed in the hole and cover it   with cocopeat.
  3. Sprinkle some water on coco peat barely enough to make it moist using spray gun or spray bottle.
  4. Keep the tray in dark for some days and sprinkle water to keep it moist until germination happens.
  5. Once the seed germinates, keep the tray in shade until the sapling grows till 6 cm.
  6. Transfer the sapling to a grow bag once the saplings are 6cm long.


  1. A seedling-starter tray keeps precious plantlings away from excess sun, rain, and pests
  2. Seedling trays facilitate the use of a wider range of herbicides and are more efficient while growing hybrid seeds which can be expensive compared to traditional ones.
  3. Done properly, seedling trays cushion your seeds against fungal diseases common in the conventional method.

How is it made?

Seedling trays or seed trays are made up of foldable plastic material.

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