5 Best Vastu Plants To Buy In The Monsoon

5 Best Vastu Plants To Buy In The Monsoon

5 Best Vastu Plants To Buy In The Monsoon

Adding greenery to your home can enhance the beauty and positivity of your place. According to Vastu Shastra, there are specific plants for homes that not only purify the air but also offer several other benefits. Furthermore, the trees and plants around your property can also contribute to improving the atmosphere inside your home.

Some of the most advantageous Vastu plants for homes include jade plants, tulsi plants, rubber plants, jasmine plants, and many more. In this article, we will discuss the significance of a few Vastu plants and trees that can be purchased this monsoon for your house. So, without further delay lets get started.


The jade plant is believed to symbolize wealth and good fortune according to Vastu Shastra. This little green plant with rounded leaves represents growth, prosperity, success, and positive energy, and is believed to help in fostering friendships. For the best result, it is said that the plant should be kept in the east, southeast, west, or northwest direction.

With its leaves mimicking the jade stone which is a symbol of prosperity and success, the plant is also ideal for bringing abundance. Placing the plant next to the gateway also leads to prosperity and blessings. Keeping a healthy jade plant in the east is believed to promote excellent health. However, it should be placed in the bathroom or bedroom according to vastu sastra.

Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Holy basil popularly known as tulsi, is a sacred and lucky plant with immense medicinal properties.┬á According to Vaastu, having a tulsi plant at home promotes peace, joy, and spirituality. In the Vedas, it is believed to be a manifestation of the goddess Lakshmi. It is said that keeping a Tulsi at home blesses your family’s financial, emotional, and physical health.

In India, you can find Tulsi in every household.  The ideal place to keep tulsi is in the northeast or north direction. Tulsi is not a high-maintenance plant but to thrive well it requires adequate sunlight and water thus, you can plant tulsi near a window or on a balcony.

Furthermore, tulsi is believed to ward off mosquitoes and also has therapeutic benefits. Its leaves can cleanse the digestive and circulatory systems by eliminating pollutants from your blood. Its ability to purify the air makes it a valuable addition to any home.


The Daffodil flower is one of the best Vastu plants to have in your home. It represents faith, honesty, and forgiveness according to vastu sastra. It is also believed that having a daffodil plant in your home can bring prosperity and luck to you and your family.

Furthermore, to maximize its beneficial properties, it is recommended to place it close to the north or northeast side of your house. It is also said that you should avoid selecting dwarfed varieties of daffodils as they may not have the same positive effect as larger ones.


The peony is a stunning and vibrant blooming flower that symbolizes optimism. Its lovely, charming, and brilliant appearance has made it a metaphor for female reproduction, love, and femininity.

Furthermore, the colour red, which is associated with spiritual ceremonies, makes it an extremely lucky flower. It represents harmony, virtue, and worth, and is a beautiful addition to any house or garden.

According to Vastu, placing a peony plant in the southwest corner of your home can promote happiness and optimism. Additionally, giving peonies to your loved ones is considered lucky and can improve your relationship.

Banana Plant

The banana plant holds great significance in Indian culture and is considered sacred. Every pooja or religious ceremony is incomplete without a banana plant. According to the Vedas, having a banana plant in the “house vastu” is a representation of Lord Vishnu.

Furthermore, on Thursdays, people offer prayers to Lord Vishnu and the banana plant. Thus, it is considered to be the luckiest Vastu tree to have at home. Vastu Shastra recommends placing a banana plant in the northeast corner of a home.

The banana tree is a symbol of abundance and prosperity, and is believed to promote physical and emotional well-being

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