5 Best Vegetable Plants To Grow In April

5 Best Vegetable Plants To Grow In April

We all are aware of the value of home-grown organic vegetables in our kitchens. April is an ideal month to plant several vegetables which produce vegetables throughout the summer. Be it vegetables or herbs, you can plant them easily in your backyard or pots. Seeing your vegetables grow is a real treat to the eyes. 

Let’s find out which are the 5 best vegetable plants to grow during April month and the steps to be followed for maximizing the harvest:

1. Gourds

Gourd plants such as bottle gourd, bitter gourd, sponge gourd, etc. can be easily grown in April, and once grown they continue to produce throughout the summer until autumn. Gourds are trailing plants that grow best in open spaces. These are grown using the seed planting method. Soil should be prepared in advance by mixing manure. Seeds can be sown directly in the soil by placing them in small holes or raised beds. While growing in large pots or grow bags, a mixture of sand, cocopeat, and manure should be prepared. Using a potting mix is another good option. Seeds generally germinate within 7-8 days of sowing. These plants need regular watering as it is essential to keep the soil moist, especially during summer. Ample sunlight should be provided to these plants for thriving well.

2. Okra

Okra is one of the easiest plants to grow during April. It requires 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight and thrives well in hot summer months. It requires fertile soil, so the soil should be prepared by adding compost before sowing the seeds. Seeds should be sown in ½ to 1-inch-deep holes, and 7 to 8 inches apart. Okra also needs regular watering. Another important thing to keep in mind is the use of organic pesticides for avoiding any kind of insect attack. Once mature each plant produces 2-3 pods (okra) every 2 days. 

3. Brinjal

Brinjal is yet another plant that can be grown very easily in direct soil, or pots depending upon the space availability. They ideally require well-fertilized soil for their growth, therefore always start by preparing the soil by mixing 50% garden soil and 50% compost. They can be grown by sowing the seeds in ½-inch deep holes. Choose a sunny spot for growing brinjals, as they require a large amount of sunlight for their growth. Watering the brinjal plants regularly is very important for their growth. Regular use of fertilizers is a must to keep your brinjal plants happy. Within 2-3 months of sowing, you can start harvesting the brinjals. 

4. Beans

Bean plants are a great choice for home gardeners as they are very easy to grow, maintain, and harvest. They require a good 6-8 hours of sunlight to grow and therefore a sunny spot should be provided for them. Depending on the available space, they can be grown directly in the ground or pots. Soil should be prepared by mixing garden soil and organic compost. Watering the plants regularly is important as plays a key role in flowering the plants. Beans are not heavy feeders; they can fix nitrogen in the soil by themselves. Over-fertilization should be strictly avoided, as it will lead to the growth of bigger leaves and fewer beans. You can start harvesting the beans within 45-60 days of planting, depending upon the variety. 

 5. Capsicum

The capsicum plant is again very easy to grow and doesn’t require much care or attention. Start by sowing the seeds in a flat tray, sprinkling them with water, and covering it with a polybag to retain moisture. Seeds generally germinate within a week and are ready to be transplanted in 18-20 days. They can be transplanted in the ground or the pots. They require bright direct sunlight of at least 3-4 hours. Regular watering and fertilizing every month are very important for the healthy growth of the plant as well as a good harvest. Another important aspect to keep in mind is providing support to the plant with a stick, otherwise, the plant tends to bend after some time. Once planted you can start harvesting the capsicums in 3-4 months.

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