Best 5 gardening blogs in India

Best 5 gardening blogs in India

Best 5 gardening blogs in India.


“To feel free, to live free “ 

Through our previous blogs, the true meaning of gardening is coherent: gardening is love, stress buster and all above it provides a “sense of achievement”.

Hectic schedule, restless lives, and workload. But you can vanish all the pains just by gardening because it is a prudent act which not only cultivates a garden but also renaissance own happiness and positive environment. Though gardening seems like a leisure activity, it owes the tendency to enhance health through cultivating organic vegetables and fruits because purchasing from markets is expensive. It helps to enhance the lifestyle and cheer up the dull and debris environment. 

To learn gardening, here are some amazing gardening blogs which will help you to grow and cultivate your garden with perfection. 

  1. The Right Gardening 
  2. Reema’s Garden 
  3. Jaipur Gardens 
  4. Organic Terrace 
  5. Garden Care Simplified 

1.The right gardening -: 

“The right gardening is all about gardening goodness, helpful resources, and sustainable living”. It provides a conversation about leading a greener and healthier lifestyle. 

The gardening is a website cum online store run by the owner Akshay Chugh, a marketer by profession and gardener by passion. It is the leading gardening blog. You can have a conversation with the blogger and get amazing tips. The blog is about 

  • Organic gardening
  • Flower gardening
  • Vegetable gardening
  • Free-living growing herbs, etc

Some of the famous blogs are: 

  • Spider plants: how to grow and care for spider plants in pots at home. 
  • 10 important Vastu tips for growing money plant at home 

You can visit anytime, here is the link provided

2.Reema’s garden -: 

“When we talk about gardening, the question arises, why gardening?”

Reema’s garden provides you every reason behind gardening, the gardening blogs provide you the absolute and true meanings that ‘gardening or being around plants changes you. When you start spending time with plants you realize that we all live in the human world. Plants make us realize that there is more to the world than just humans.’

The blog was founded by Reema Gopalan in the year 2016 along with Neha Gore, who is the photographer and creative strategist. 

The mission of the website is to go back to basics, living a simpler life with less chaos and more productivity: less consumerism and more creativity. 

Some of the famous blogs are: 

  •  Indoor gardening with Reema 
  • Container gardening with Reema 

And Reema Gopalan is also the writer of the book:

  • 30 indoor plants for Indian homes. 

So, here is the given link

3.Jaipur gardens -: 

“Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.”

The above line is the tagline of the blog. This line not only gives the amazing meaning of positive and healthy gardening but also true meaning to owe to happiness, the moral values of life. 

About the blog: 

This blog was formed in March 2013 and the name of the blogger is Arun Goyal. This is a Jaipur-based gardening blog but the profile is visited by Indians from nooks of every state. The traffic is high and every time there are almost 1k visitors to visit blogs. According to Alexa’s rank, it is around 744.3k. The blogger updates every week or twice the week with relevant blogs. 

Some of the famous blogs are: 

  • Garden affairs-: small space gardening 
  • Cold and dark days 
  • Garden affairs: winter annuals for shallow pots.

You can visit anytime, here is the link,

4.Organic terrace -:

The organic terrace is a website, training center, blog that was founded by the IIT Kharagpur 2002 batch student Prabal Mallick. He is an artist and a nature lover, he grows his food and he has a model organic at his residence in the city of Bhubaneswar. 

The idea behind the organic terrace is to cultivate organic food in an urban environment, he promotes organic events and organic gardening resources. 

Some of his blogs are:

  • Learn to grow your fresh organic food 

The book written by him is: 

  • Organic urban farming, the Indian way. 

So, here is the given link to his amazing blogs.

5.Garden care simplified -: 

Garden care simplified is the blog page that was created by the Indian female artist Mrs. Rizwana A. Mundewade, who is also known as the Reiki healing Artist symbolist. 

Her unique idea or quote “Do not sell plants”.

She takes care of plants and against any kind of business which is done through plants. She has a maximum reach of 5 thousand through her blogs and also 5M according to Alexa’s rank. Her website is growing day by day. 

So, here is the given link to her page


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