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Knowledge Tour-Names of seeds

Knowledge Tour-Names of seeds

General names of seeds in English 

The sole purpose behind attempting this step is to keep happy our family i. e customers to make them easy to concise seed names in both language!! 

So, here are some names of seeds:

S. NO  English name  Hindi name 
                        1 Kochia seeds  Grishmkalin Mausami
                        2       Strawberry Strawberry
                        3 Banana  Kela 
4 Marigold  Genda 
5 Hibiscus  Gudhal
6                   Jasmine  Chameli
7                     Rose  Gulab
8 Tulsi  Tulsi 
9 Mint  Pudina 
10 Lavender                   Neel lohit
11 Basil black                   Kali Tulsa 
12 Sunflower                 Suraj mukhi 
13 Chrysanthemum Guldaudi
14 Lotus  Kamal
15 Coreopsis  Swarnguch 
16 Daisy  Gulbahar
17 Cosmo’s sensation Brahmandiye 
18 Petunia Petunnia
19 Zinnia  Zinnia 
20 Lichi Lichi 

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