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Knowledge Tour-Names of seeds

Knowledge Tour-Names of seeds

General names of seeds in English 

The sole purpose behind attempting this step is to keep happy our family i. e customers to make them easy to concise seed names in both language!! 

So, here are some names of seeds:

S. NO English name Hindi name 
                        1Kochia seeds Grishmkalin Mausami
                        2      StrawberryStrawberry
                        3Banana Kela 
4Marigold Genda 
5Hibiscus Gudhal
6                  Jasmine Chameli
7                    Rose Gulab
8Tulsi Tulsi 
9Mint Pudina 
10Lavender                  Neel lohit
11Basil black                  Kali Tulsa 
12Sunflower                Suraj mukhi 
14Lotus Kamal
15Coreopsis Swarnguch 
16Daisy Gulbahar
17Cosmo’s sensationBrahmandiye 
19Zinnia Zinnia 
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