Miniature Plants Available In India

Miniature Plants Available in India

Miniature plants are the dwarf variety of plants that are decorated as ornamental plants. It is a very popular variety in indoor gardens. So, in this blog, we will discuss some miniature plants which are low maintenance and easy to grow.

The Name Of The Miniature Plants Are:

Mini Cactus– A desert theme miniature plants

  1. Mini succulents propagate colorful flowers.
  2. They require at least four hours of sunlight.
  3. Water them once a week and when it’s completely dry.
  4. Decorate your study table or work table with this cute little mini cactus.

Baby’s Tears- A miniature plants with tiny round leaves

Miniature plants

  1. Grows best in partial sunlight.
  2. Water them on alternative days.
  3. This plant is also known as “Mind Your Own Business” and “Irish Moss“.
  4. They look beautiful in colorful containers.

Syngonium Mini- An air-purifying plant

  1. It grows in indirect sunlight.
  2. Water them twice a week.
  3. It is available in many colorful varieties.
  4. Syngonium has air-purifying characters.
  5. The plant is considered a lucky plant and has positive energy according to Feng Shui.

Fern Mini- A medicinal plant 

  1. It grows well in partial sunlight.
  2. It is a moisture-loving plant.
  3. Fern mini comes in use for decoration.
  4. It has air cleansing properties.
  5. Provide them with a potting mixture or cow dung, vermicomposting, and other organic fertilizer

Mini Jade- A good luck charm plant

  1. The presence of a jade plant is considered auspicious.
  2. It needs indirect sunlight.
  3. Provide the plant with the potting mixture for better growth.
  4. Water them every two to three weeks.
  5. It has an air-purifying specialty, thus brings positive energy according to Feng Shui.

Mini Aloe Vera- A plant with more than a hundred benefits

  1. It needs indirect sunlight. Or about three to four hours of sunlight.
  2. Water them once a week or when it is dry.
  3. Provide the plant with the potting mixture to stimulate growth.
  4. In the cosmetic and medicinal industry, thus Aloe Vera is an essential ingredient.

Peperomia- A non-toxic plant

  1. Peperomia plant has a bushier apprentice and looks aesthetic in hanging baskets. It has heart-shaped leaves.
  2. Water them when it is dry.
  3. It is a moisture-loving plant.
  4. It grows best in indirect sunlight.

Aralia Dwarf- A plant that controls the humidity of the room 

  1. It prefers indirect sunlight.
  2. Water them once a week.
  3. Provide potting mixture to stimulate the growth.
  4. It has a special property to clean the air, thus can be kept indoors. It is smoothed in texture.

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Happy Gardening!


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