Vertical Wall Hanging Pots 4inch (1pc)


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Vertical Wall Hanging Pots 4inch (1pc) 29
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A vertical wall hanging pot is a container in which flowers and other plants are grown and exhibited, historically and still today largely made of simple terracotta without ceramic glaze, with an inwardly tapering round shape. Also, check out our workshops for more details.

  • Height (inches) ‚Äď 4
  • Width (inches) ‚Äď 6

Our Hanging Pots are made up of strong PVC plastic. It is suitable for outdoor needs and can accommodate all sizes of plants.

  1. Clean the pot.  
  2. We have holes in the bottom of the pot for drainage.
  3. Add the potting mix with red soil. 
  4. Sow the seeds.  
  5. Hang the pots in a region that is suitable for the plant to grow.

Vertical wall hanging pots have a number of uses, such as easy to fertilize, easy to grow plants in the garden and indoors as well as are versatile since you can grow a variety of plants.  

Additional information

Weight45 g
Dimensions6 × 4 cm

4 reviews for Vertical Wall Hanging Pots 4inch (1pc)

  1. Nisha Reddy

    These pots help in hanging plants in roof

  2. Simran Kapoor

    These hanging pots have reduced space in my garden for other plants

  3. Sahil Mehta

    These pots look beautiful in my flat

  4. Ishaan Reddy

    These plants help in the space problem in my house

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Various types of plants are suitable for vertical wall hanging pots, including trailing and cascading plants like ivy, pothos, succulents, ferns, and herbs. The choice of plants depends on your preferences and the growing conditions.

Yes, vertical wall hanging pots can be used indoors. They are a popular choice for adding greenery to interior spaces and can be hung on walls or placed on suitable supports.

Yes, you can grow certain vegetables in vertical wall hanging pots, particularly smaller varieties like cherry tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. However, it’s essential to consider the space, light, and care requirements for successful indoor vegetable gardening.

To install vertical wall hanging pots, you typically need to:

  • Select a suitable wall or support.
  • Ensure proper mounting hardware, such as brackets or hooks, is securely attached.
  • Hang the pots using their built-in hooks or other hanging mechanisms.
  • Fill the pots with a well-draining potting mix and plant your chosen plants.

Vertical wall hanging pots may require some special care, including regular watering to maintain adequate moisture levels since they can dry out more quickly than traditional pots. Additionally, proper positioning to ensure adequate sunlight or artificial lighting is crucial for plant health. Regular monitoring for signs of plant health, such as pests or diseases, is also important for ongoing care.