Jade Plant Sapling (1pc)


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Jade Plant Sapling (1pc) 69
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The Jade plant has thick stems which look like mini tree trunks. The leaves are fleshy and oval-shaped which beautifully suits the surroundings. This plant will come in a 1-inch net pot. Please do not remove the plant from the net pot; plant it directly in a larger pot. Do not overwater the plant. Also, check out our workshops for more details.

  1. Number of saplings in a net pot – 1
  2. Sapling Height – 2 inch
  3. Watering – when the soil dries then only water
  4. Sunlight – bright indirect light
  1. Difficulty Level – easy
  2. Leaves Color – green
  3. Full Plant Height – 3 to 5 feet tall
  4. Type – indoor
  5. Feed – Vermicompost for nutrients every week, Seaweed once a month for greener leaves, and Epsom salt for better blooming once a month
  6. Watering – once every 2 – 3 weeks
  7. Sunlight –  bright indirect light
  8. Suitable Temperature – 65°F – 75°F
  1. Take a sapling along with the net pot and choose the appropriate size of the container for your plant.
  2. Seal the holes of the pot at the bottom.
  3. Pour potting soil more than half of the size of the pot.
  4. Then make a hole with your finger in the center of the potting soil and place your sapling along with the net pot.
  5. Cover it with soil again and water thoroughly.

Botanical name: Crassula ovata
jade plant sapling in hindi: jed paudhe ka paudha (जेड पौधे का पौधा)
jade plant sapling in kannada: jēḍ sasya sasi (ಜೇಡ್ ಸಸ್ಯ ಸಸಿ)
jade plant sapling in tamil: jēṭ ceṭi kaṉṟu (ஜேட் செடி கன்று)
jade plant sapling in telugu: pacca mokka nāru (పచ్చ మొక్క నారు)
jade plant sapling in marathi: jēḍa vanaspatīcē rōpaṭē (जेड वनस्पतीचे रोपटे)
jade plant sapling in malayalam: jēḍ ceṭiyuṭe tai (ജേഡ് ചെടിയുടെ തൈ)
Other names: Friendship plant, Money plant, Silver Dollar plant, Jade plants, Zade, sapplings


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Weight24 g
Dimensions2 × 16 cm

19 reviews for Jade Plant Sapling (1pc)

  1. Tinna

    Cute plant sapling 😊

  2. Atul Singh (verified owner)

    My jade plant sapling comes totally dry 😬 packing is good but the plant comes without soil all the soil is spread in the box

  3. goswamee

    very good indoor plant

  4. Vijaya (verified owner)

    Packing is too good

  5. sharanya P

    In love with this product

  6. Mohammed Irfan (verified owner)

    Very professionally packed, arrived in good condition and is doing well now. Satisfied with the service and product.

  7. zoritoler imol

    Woh I enjoy your blog posts, saved to my bookmarks! .

  8. Chaitra Jagirdar (verified owner)

    Good packing ….of plants….let’s see how they grow out..

  9. nimishsdll (verified owner)

    I received my sapling however few leaves and top most branches were broken during the transit. Well, I do not mind as long as the plant is alive and the leaves grow anyways.

    It’s almost a month and this plant is growing very well with new leaves in abundance. Overall, I am happy and definitely buying again as the saplings are cheaper than anywhere else.

  10. Priyadarshi Tiwari (verified owner)

    Sapling is very cute and healthy .Go for it.

  11. Kamal Bhatia (verified owner)

    Received in good condition, Growing well, Loving it.

  12. Vanashri Madavi (verified owner)

    Delivery plant is good

  13. Vijay S (verified owner)

    Good mature Sapling thanks

  14. Dominic (verified owner)

    Courier guy did not deliver on the first day. I received the package on the second day. Many leaves have fallen. However exactly after 10 days noted new leaves. Plant is happy so I am.

  15. Shraddha Kulkarni (verified owner)

    Good quality sapling. packing was good. Sapling is stable and growing as agood plant at my home.

  16. rahulsiroha

    Nice Plant

  17. Raghi B (verified owner)

    Good quality saplings

  18. Rajat Chakraborty (verified owner)

    Sapling is cute , but leaves are found broken ,i think this happens during transit. BTW happy now , if its grow i will happy more

  19. Prafulla kumar sahoo (verified owner)

    Nice jade plant saplings, great packing.

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Yes, Jade plants grow well in indoor temperatures.

Some of the benefits of a Jade plant are that they improve the indoor air quality, absorbs CO2 at night, brings good luck charm, has medicinal properties, etc.

Jade plants take a lot of time to bloom for the first time and are rare to bloom. But if kept in a suitable atmosphere, they will bloom once a year.

A jade plant can grow around 3 to 6 feet tall.

A jade plant is toxic to horses, dogs and cats and mildly toxic to human beings in some cases with skin contact.

Jade plants can live for 100 years if taken proper care.

You can keep the plant in a location with bright light and indoor temperatures.

Jade plants need at least 6 hours of bright light.

You can water Jade plants for around 2- 3 times a week.

Jade plants should be kept in a bright place along with an indoor temperature.

Jade plants can be fertilized once every six months.

A Jade plant may start dropping its leaves if it does not receive enough water.

You could take care of a Jade plant by placing it in bright light indoors and pruning the dead leaves from time to time.

Jade plants can be replanted or propagated from stem or root cuttings.

To plant and grow a healthy jade plant make sure to place it indoors in bright light, make sure the soil is dry and prune off the dead leaves.

The Jade plant has thick stems which look like mini tree trunks. The leaves are fleshy and oval-shaped which beautifully suits the surroundings.

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