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Lizard Repellent For Home And Plants (30ml)

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Buy the finest Lizard Repellent Spray (30ml) Online for Gardening at the most affordable price of Rs.49 along with free Home Delivery across India at The Affordable Organic Store now.

(15 customer reviews)
Lizard Repellent For Home And Plants (30ml) 69 Original price was: ₹69.49Current price is: ₹49.
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Lizard repellent spray is a product designed to spray the mixture any place you’ve noticed lizard activity. This is a simple, yet effective solution that can provide quick relief for your lizard problem, typically indoors. These sprays contain ingredients that emit odors or flavors that are unpleasant or irritating to lizards, encouraging them to leave the treated areas. ¬†Also, check out our workshops¬†for more details.


First, identify the areas where you’ve seen lizards or where you want to prevent them from entering. Ensure the area is clean and dry. Carefully read the instructions on the lizard-repellent spray product you are using. Shake the repellent spray can or bottle well to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Spray the repellent evenly in the target areas. When using any spray, ensure proper ventilation, and avoid inhaling the fumes. Use protective gloves if recommended by the product label. Keep children and pets away from the treated areas until the spray has dried completely.

  • Lizard Repellent Spray Made With Plants Oil, Natural Non Toxic Irritant-Free, Chemical-Free | Baby-Safe, Skin-Safe Plant-Safe | Lizard Repellent For Home
  • Lizard-repellent sprays are typically designed to deter lizards without causing harm to them. They provide a humane way to address lizard issues.
  • Many lizard-repellent sprays use natural ingredients that are safe for the environment. This makes them a more eco-friendly option compared to chemical pesticides.
  • Using a lizard-repellent spray is simple and convenient.
  • Lizards can carry diseases or parasites, and their droppings may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Using repellent sprays can help reduce these health risks by discouraging lizards from entering your living spaces.
  • Lizard repellent sprays are generally affordable and can be a cost-effective solution for managing lizard problems compared to other methods or professional pest control services.

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15 reviews for Lizard Repellent For Home And Plants (30ml)

  1. Aarush Desai

    This lizard repellent is incredibly effective‚ÄĒhaven’t seen a single lizard in my home or garden since using it

  2. Avni Joshi

    This lizard repellent really works! It kept my home and garden lizard-free within days

  3. Dhruv Malhotra

    Finally found a solution to keep lizards away

  4. Vihaan Verma

    The 30ml lizard repellent spray effectively keeps lizards away from my living space.

  5. Siddharth Singh

    These sprays help me to keep away lizards from the basement

  6. Dev Patel

    These spray only repel not killing lizards is very good

  7. Aarav Prasad

    This spray effectively keeps unwanted reptiles away from my home

  8. Kabir Singhania

    These repellent is made from organic material

  9. Pranav Sharma

    These works on lizards and they faint them

  10. Avani Sharma

    Noticeable difference and very good product

  11. Anika Kapoor

    These repellent releases no odour on applying

  12. Riya Nair

    These repellents are made up of natural ingredients

  13. Arya Joshi

    These repellents work very well in my village house

  14. Myra Sharma

    These repellents work very well inside on lizards

  15. Aditi Nair

    These lizard repellents work very well

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