Organic Plant Food Tablet (3 Tablets)


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The Organic Plant Food Tablet is an organic fertilizer tablet with a controlled slow-release impact. It is made based on natural nutrients. Combined, nutrient-rich tablets supply all the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium needed by seedlings after transplanting. Also, check out our workshops for more details.


The Organic Plant Food Tablet is made from homogeneous fine molecules coated with 100% naturally derived resins fertilizer tablet, soya-based nitrogen source, phosphorus, and potash, enriched with protein-chelated micronutrients. 

  1. Place the tablet near the Root Zone (ideally 5 – 6 cm away from the plant) at a depth of 4 – 5 cm. 
  2. Water your plant as usual.
  3. Dosage: For Small Plants (under 40 cm in height) 1 – 2 Tablets 
  4. For Medium Size Plants (40 cm – 1 meter) 2 – 3 Tablets 
  5. For Large Size Plants (over 1 meter) 4 – 5 Tablets 
  6. Repeat the process after every 3 – 4 weeks.

The Organic Plant Food Tablet enhances the uptake of nutrients and water and improves soil texture & structure. It provides hormones and micronutrients which boost fruiting and flowering. It increases resistance against water stress, salinity, heavy metals, and other abiotic pressures.


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Weight4 g

Fertilizers, Growth Promoting Hormones

15 reviews for Organic Plant Food Tablet (3 Tablets)

  1. Dev Joshi

    The fact that it’s easy to use and environmentally conscious

  2. Ishaan Rajput

    These organic tablets promote plant growth

  3. Nisha Mehta

    These tablets help in good growth of rose plants

  4. Aanya Mishra

    Natural nourishment

  5. Suman Sinha

    These organic planet food tablet are very good for gardening

  6. Kriti Jha

    Happy customer

  7. Seline Singh

    Worth buying

  8. Madhulekha

    Great one

  9. Omkareshwari

    Amazing product

  10. Yuvanplaylist (verified owner)

    Awesome Product Thanks to TOAS…..

  11. Ishana Kumar

    Effective and satisfied with the results

  12. Sunil Shukla

    Very effective product to buy, it helped me a lot

  13. Sunil Shukla

    Very effective product

  14. Pruthvi Raj

    Loved it!!!!!!!!

  15. giriraj

    very useful product for plants

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