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Magic Seaweed (20gms)

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Seaweed Fertilizer is an organic fertilizer produced by accurate processing of marine plant seaweed as the primary raw material. The main component of seaweed is the natural organic active material extracted from Kelp.(seawed)

 How to use

  1. Before you begin, check for and remove any dead or decaying leaves.
  2. Use a diluted form of liquid fertilizer (liquid kelp) and spray it in the form of a light mist over the leaves.
  3. You may either use a foliar spray for this or attach the liquid with your hose and fertilize while watering the plants.


Seaweed contains phosphorous, which helps plants develop healthy and strong root systems. Seaweed also improves soil texture, greatly improving drainage and aeration. Seaweed fertilizer can directly increase soil organic matter through the soil or plants, and activate various beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

What is Magic Sea Weed made of?

The active seaweed fertilizer contains a large amount of non-nitrogen-containing organic matter, including 40 kinds of minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and iodine, and abundant vitamins, which are unmatched by terrestrial plants, especially seaweed polysaccharides unique to seaweeds.

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5 reviews for Magic Seaweed (20gms)

  1. Gourav jain

    Great organic fertiliser. Plants growing well. Thanks

  2. R Bhowmick (verified owner)

    It’s really good…..🙂👩‍🌾

  3. Vicky rai


  4. Vicky rai


  5. Ayesha

    More than expected results from this seeds very happy for spending money in buying the seeds from this website

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