Paddy Husk-Rice Hulls(50grams)


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Paddy Husk
Paddy Husk-Rice Hulls(50grams) 19
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Paddy husk, also known as rice hulls and serves as a valuable byproduct of rice milling. These lightweight husks are the outer layer of rice grains and find diverse applications, from agricultural uses to industrial purposes. Rich in silica, paddy husks are utilized for insulation, animal bedding, and even as a component in gardening and horticulture for soil aeration. Their eco-friendly nature makes them a sustainable alternative in various industries, contributing to waste reduction and resource efficiency. Also, check out our workshops for more details.



It is a byproduct of rice cultivation


  • Length (cms) – 0.5
  • Width (cms)- 0.5


  1. Lit up your gardening pot/ Kitchen garden/terrarium/ etc with our miniature range.
  2. spread a 2-inch layer across garden soil and mix it in
  3. Use them in any plant in which you want to improve the aeration of plants
  4. This method will allow for better water flow and root growth
  5. These Paddy Husk can also be placed with the other gardening products available at The Affordable Organic Store.

Paddy husk or rice hulls benefit gardening by improving soil aeration and moisture retention, enhancing plant growth, and serving as a sustainable alternative to traditional mulches. and statues available at our website, The Affordable Organic Store.


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