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Buy Vermicompost of finest quality (100gm, Buy 1 Get 1 free) Online for Gardening only for Rs.40 with free Home Delivery across India only at The Affordable Organic Store now.

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Vermicompost is a highly nutrient-rich organic fertilizer & manure for the healthy and fast growth of plants. Vermi compost is nature friendly, non-toxic & preferred nutrient source for home gardening as well as for organic farming. Also, check out our workshops for more details.


Vermicomposting is the process of turning organic debris into worm castings. The worm castings are very important to the fertility of the soil. It contains organic carbon(9.5-17.98%),  nitrogen (0.5-1.5%), phosphorous(0.1-0.3%),  potassium(0.15-0.56%), sodium(0.06-0.30%).

  1. Apply the vermi compost by sprinkling near the root zone of the plants for good results.
  2. Water the plants after applying the manure to mix it properly with the soil. 
  3. It can be used on home garden plants as well as in organic farming.

Vermi compost helps improve soil structure, texture, porosity, water holding capacity, drainage, and aeration and reduces erosion. It improves plant growth by enabling the growth of new shoots and leaves, thereby increasing productivity. It helps to neutralize the pH of the soil.

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10 reviews for Vermi Compost (100gm, Buy 1 Get 1 free)

  1. Shruti SInha

    Buying this product 2nd time. Very useful. THANKS TAOS !!!

  2. mahir

    this is my 1st time buying from TAOS and loved how it is helping in the growth of the seeds
    thank u TAOS
    looking ahaed to buy more

  3. qodos

    very good quality

  4. Methra

    Verrrry usefull product to buy

  5. Indhumathi

    Great offer

  6. Divyakshi Sinha

    Very effective product

  7. Elisa Jain

    Worth buying it

  8. Laiq Shaikh


  9. Reenu Singh

    Great quality

  10. Indira Patel

    I got them delivered in a really good condition

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