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How to make compost at home?

The more you connected with earthe,the more you attached with nature and it’s components

when you live at a place, it eventually becomes your home, your home and home always gives you anything you desire for.

What is Compost?


The mixture of organic kitchen waste and when it decay ,it takes the form of compost which we mix up with soil and use it as fertilizer for better plantation.

Stuffs which can be used are vegetables and fruits waste, tea ,milk ,soil etc…

Home made compost is not only organic but it also helps to grow plants with more authenticity.

How to make compost at home

This is a very simple process to make compost at home with kitchen waste material.

  • You need a clay pot or flower but make sure the material of the flowers should be also clay because clay helps to fasten the process and also it is natural and also you will not need the holes in the container, Air can pass easily.
  • Before putting any waste, make a later on the bottom of dry leaves of newspaper. The reason behind doing this is that these both items contains enough amount of carbon gas. Carbon gas is good for decomposing the waste.
  • Add some amount of soil and put kitchen waste on it but make sure you don’t mix it or touch with with your hands. This may hindrance the air circulation and as a consequences, the process may take much time than the regular duration.
  • The materials which can be used are vegetables and fruits waste, and add layer after every two days with some amount of soil.
  • Every time you add any layer, make sure you cover the pot and prevent it from the direct sunlight because it may reduce the capacity to decomposition earlier.
  • When your pot is near to full of waste, add some neem leaves because neem contains high amount of nitrogen gas and also due to it’s nature it makes the compost having the quality of antioxidant which will also prevent the plants from pests and other disease.

Extra tricks

Usually it takes short time to make compost at home during the summer season than the winter. During the summer, one can easily get the watermelon so adding up watermelon waste helps to make it better. Watermelon contains water with it and it helps to vaporizing.

For extra goodness,you can also add the mixture of jaggery and curd. It will help to decompose fast than the regular time.

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