How to grow herbs at your home?

Herbs cultivation -:

Much virtue in herbs, less in man


What Are Herbs?

Herbs are the plants which have the properties of aromatic. Mostly herbs cultivation can be done under natural circumstances and on hilly areas. But with modern technologies and care you can easily grow them at your own place.

According to definition of Botany – Herbs are green leafy plants or may be in the form of fruits with or without wooden stems.

Types Of Herbs Cultivation

There are zillions of herbs are available but even though modernization and technologies are superior, we cannot discover them entirely.

Within the types of herbs, they are several categories.

  • Holy Herbs

According to Bible , Holy herbs can also be substitute with healing herbs These herb are mostly for treatment of several diseases and also for worship purpose.

There are mainly 7 holy herbs -:

1. Parsley

2. Chives

3. Chervil

4. Watercress

5. Salad Burnett

6. Borage


Benefits Of Herbs Cultivation

There are several purpose and benefits of herbs. Unlike categories, their purpose are different.

The common purpose is to embellish the food.

  • Improve the taste of food
  • Medical treatment
  • Aura enhancement

How To Grow Herbs

There is no such hard process. Herbs can be easily grown with little care and suitable environment.

  • The soil to grow plants should be authentic that is soil from field. The ratio should be followed by 50% of amended soil 40% compost soil and 10% fertilizer.
  • After the mixture of soil, cover the pot or any container with any kind of layer. We do this to lock the moisture.
  • If you are planning to follow the seeding then maintain the gap of 5-6 inches between each plants and if you want to do transplant process then it should be easier to maintain the gap.
  • To avoid the dryness of soil and plant damages, you should water them according to their demand.
  • In general way and to save the nutrients ; we suggest to trim the extra stem and dry leaves but some of them are consumed in dry form.
  • some of the can be dangerous to grow at home so before germinating any herb always try to acknowledge yourself.
  • Once, you grow them with correct method then harvest them and you can use according to your needs.

Though herbs cultivation need more attention and care than the regular plants but we also know that herbs are nothing less than a boom for us.

The above link is of YouTube video to grow herbs.

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