5 Gardening Influencers To Follow In July

5 Gardening Influencers To Follow In July

Influencers influence society about a better lifestyle and impart knowledge and wisdom about various topics. Here, we have shared five influencers to follow in July for your monsoon gardening.

1. Shailaja Krishna

Shailaja Krishna is a bonsai artist, who maintains and sells bonsai plants, pots, and bonsai soil. She also teaches bonsai art, and gives bonsai classes and demonstrations through her social media page “bonsaikapilaas“. She explains that bon means a shallow container, a pot having significantly less depth, and growing plants in these shallow containers are called bonsai. Bonsai art started in China 2000 years ago and was modernized by Japan. According to Shailaja, bonsai is similar to meditation as it requires a lot of concentration to grow and maintain it. 

2. Dr. Aarati Bhandare

By profession, Dr. Aarati is a dentist but soil and sustainable living have become her mission and passion for life. Dr. Aarati is the founder and director of an NGO called “Amulya Boondh Foundation”. She has been working for water conservation and sustainable living since 2015. She strongly believes in organic farming and practices the same at her home. She also has a social media handle with the name “amulya_boondh where she regularly posts about the ways to grow organic plants.

3. Tiasa Seal

Tiasa has done her master’s in chemistry and is a plant enthusiast. The lockdown has taught her to garden and love nature. She grows flowers and vegetables in her garden. She also has an Instagram page with the name “garden_girl_tiasa” where she shares pictures of her plants. Tiasa talks a lot about sustainability and has also done a workshop on monsoon flowers.

4. Ginni

Ginni is a web developer by profession. She is a mom, social media influencer, and a plant lover by passion. Ginni calls herself a plant mom and says her journey started when the pollution in Delhi forced her into introspecting habits we follow in daily lives. She also has a social media handle named “ginni’s nest“. Ginni believes plants act as air purifiers and add positive energy to life. According to her, plants have therapeutic qualities which release stress from life and bless you with positive energy. She has also done a workshop on gardening in monsoon. 

5. Vikas Sharma

Vikas Sharma is a retired army officer who has been passionately involved in gardening for the last 13-14 years. He is a plant collection addict with a keen interest in collecting rare plants. He also shares his plant collection on his Instagram page with the name “Samsara_vikas“. He talks widely about using the right soil mix and the importance of organic fertilizers to grow plants at home. 

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Happy Gardening!

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