5 Gardening Influencers To Follow In January

5 Gardening Influencers To Follow In January

Whether it is roses on your balcony, a small cactus plant on your table, or a small kitchen garden in your yard, plants contribute to our overall well-being. To provide us with tips for growing certain plants, to taking care of them through organic means – gardening influencers play an important role. Therefore, to make your life better and greener I have listed here five gardening influencers you can follow in November.

1. Aditya Bagga

Aditya Bagga is currently pursuing veterinary doctor studies and as a University student has done B.Sc. in Agriculture. He is an ardent plant and animal lover who also has an Instagram page with the name “_the_plantomaniac_“. He is a plant advisor who gets featured on various platforms. He is successfully growing flowers and vegetables on his balcony and garden. 

2. Vishakha Sinha

Vishakha Sinha is an M.tech in industrial engineering by profession and a devoted plant parent by passion. She owns a nursery and gardening store with online delivery in Pan India. She also has an Instagram page with the name “e_Bageecha“. Vishakha is a plant enthusiast and shares a deep love for green tea. She provides a simple solution to grow plants at home without much hassle and struggle. Her main motto is to inspire people to build their gardens and enjoy greenery like her. 

3. Raksha Agarwal

Raksha Agarwal is a Chartered Accountancy student with a deep love for gardening. She grows and harvests her fruits and vegetables at home. She says she started gardening during the covid lockdown period and now it has become her hobby and passion. She is also a gardening influencer and you can connect with her on Instagram “gardenwithher“. Raksha gets peace and confidence from plants. She learned gardening through trial and error by growing vegetables in her garden, watering her plants, and even trying hands-on growing indoor plants. 

4. Vikranti Sailor

Vikranti Sailor is an MD in medicine. Being a doctor by profession she carries a deep interest and passion for gardening. She grows and harvests her vegetables. To get a glimpse of her harvests you can visit her Instagram page “the.plant_doc“. Vikranti calls herself a plant mom and loves experimenting and growing new plants. She even harvested lemons at home and has done a workshop on the same.

5. Archana Sen Kotwal

Archana belongs to Kashmir and is a proud mom of more than 300 plants. She is a popular gardening influencer with the social media handle “magic_of_green”. She is currently residing in Delhi and believes in spreading green magic through her page. She has also developed a beautiful balcony garden.

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Happy Gardening!


  1. Great list of gardening influencers! I’m following a few of them already, and they’re all really helpful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rahul Verma

    Great list of gardening influencers! I’m already following a few of them, but I’ll definitely check out the others. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Akshita Nair

    These gardening influencers bring January to life with their vibrant tips and inspiring ideas. A breath of fresh air for anyone seeking a green start to the year

  4. Aditya Patel

    Your January gardening tips are a breath of fresh air! Thank you for inspiring us with your vibrant and insightful content. Can’t wait to see my garden thrive this month, all thanks to your guidance

  5. Aarushi Sharma

    Engaging with these gardening influencers has truly brightened my January days, offering expert tips and a burst of green inspiration to kickstart the year’s gardening journey

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