Five Influencers To Follow In March

5 Gardening Influencers To Follow In March

5 Gardening Influencers To Follow In March

In these modern times, constant struggle and a fast-paced environment can be stressful however, what can be more relaxing and peaceful than a small green space at home or workplace? However, creating and maintaining a green space poses a struggle in itself. To solve this, we have recommended five influencers to teach you how to build your lustrous green space.


Pradeep is an Indian gardening influencer based in Ananthapur. Pradeep is a crazy plant lover and has been gardening since childhood. He is a plant parent with a beautiful Terrace garden. Pradeep loves to grow fruits, flowers, and vegetables in his garden. He is very active on Instagram, with a stunning 104K followers. To learn gardening tips and ideas, visit his page ‚Äú_gardening.with.deepu.‚ÄĚ

Ravneet Kaur

Raveet is a passionate gardener based in Ludhiana who also goes by the name Plant Aficionado on Instagram. Ravneet likes to grow her own food and also make organic compost from kitchen waste. She has created a beautiful terrace garden comprising fruits, vegetables, and flower plants. She has a huge follower base on Instagram, with 147K followers. To connect with her, follow her page, ‚Äúharyali_by_cherie.‚ÄĚ

Suvarna Ombase

Suvarna is an Indian YouTuber and gardening Influencer based in Pune, Maharashtra. Her love for gardening is a testament to the green space she has created on her terrace. Suvarna is an organic gardener who loves to share home remedies and DIY content. She has an active Instagram account with stunning 138K followers. To connect with her, visit her page, ‚Äúmyplantstory2021.‚ÄĚ

Chandra Kiran Singh

Chandra Kiran is based in Varanasi and has done her MSc in Botany. Chandra shares a deep love for gardening and likes to share her learnings on social media platforms. She is an active digital creator with a wide presence on Instagram. To connect with her, visit her page¬† ‚Äú_garden_plants_.‚ÄĚ

Ekta Choudhary

Ekta is a gardening enthusiast with a deep desire to transform the gardening space through her startup gardenupstore. She wants to explore the world of gardening with a creative mind. She is a digital creator with a stunning 245K follower base. To connect with her, follow her page, ‚Äú‚ÄĚ

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Have a look at some amazing Videos of Gardening that might help you!

  1. Tips on planting homegrown plants and creating art with them as a beginner.
  2. How to preserve, plant, and grow flower seeds in monsoon, winter, and other seasons.
  3. Growing different vegetables, winter vegetables especially, and tips and tricks to preserve.
  4. Preserving fruits such as strawberries, Papaya, watermelon, muskmelon, etc.
  5. Know all about microgreens using examples such as microgreen spinach, microgreen sunflower, microgreen mustard, microgreen flax, etc.
  6. Using gardening tools such as pots, trays, growing bags, moss sticks, watering cans, etc.

Here are some Workshops that might help you if you are new to Gardening!

  1. Learn the science behind the soil by watching our workshop.
  2. Watch our workshop on plant care in winter.
  3. Know more about Vegetable Gardening at home.
  4. Workshop on Glimpse into Cacti World.

Happy Gardening!

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