5 Gardening Influencers To Follow In September

5 Gardening Influencers To Follow In September

5 Gardening Influencers To Follow In September

Influencers are people who influence society through their way of lifestyle. Here we have recommended 5 influencers to influence your way of gardening.

Jeanel Margaret

Jeanel Margaret is a principal by profession and a dialogue writer and gardener by passion. She is a plant lover and her only mantra is that plants can save us from depression. Her main motto is to live along with plants and use plants every day in daily life. She promotes vegan and organic living. To connect with her you can visit her Instagram page “jean_plant_love“. 

Sunny Kumar

Sunny Kumar is a digital product designer and a home decor stylist. He is also an enthusiastic plant lover who has learned the art to grow veggies, fruits, and flowering plants from his father. He shifted to Mumbai in 2019 where he started his journey of growing indoor plants. He even has an Instagram page “plantastic_sanni” where he posts about plants and decor ideas. 

Sumesh Nayak 

Sumesh Nayak is a corporate professional and a photographer and gardener by passion. He believes in sustainable living and has created an urban garden in a 1500 square feet area. In his urban garden, he has 35 varieties of fruits and more than 1400 plants. He conducted live shows on YouTube and Instagram with the handle “1500sqft_gardener

Dr. Anshumali  

Anshumali is a prosthodontist by profession and a passionate gardener, who believes in a low-waste vegan lifestyle. She likes growing plants on the balcony and window panes. She is actively present on Instagram with the name “conscious_vegan“.

Abiha Arun 

Abiha Arun is an IT professional and a home gardener by passion. She has been gardening since her childhood. She spends most of her free time with her plants. After waking up the first thing she does is to check on her plants. You can reach out to her on her Instagram page “crazy_garden_er“. She believes in patience and practice to grow beautiful plants. 

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Have a look at some amazing Videos on Gardening that might help you!

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Happy Gardening!

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