How To Give Special Care To Your Plants During Rainy Season

How To Give Special Care To Your Plants During Rainy Season

Gardening on rainy days is fun and relaxing but also challenging. Here are some tips to ensure your garden stays beautiful and productive during wet weather.

1. Avoid Overwatering

As the rainy season brings with it maximum pouring days and less sunlight we need to check the amount of water our plant is receiving. Due to less sunlight and more rainfall, the soil will always be wet during the rainy season. Don’t add extra water, as it can lead to the decaying of plants.

2. Prune And Trim

Monsoon is said to be the perfect time for replanting saplings and cuttings. You can easily prune and cut from your original plant and plant it elsewhere in your garden. The best part is you can see the leaves and other parts grow within a week. Moreover, cutting and trimming also help plants to thrive faster and healthier. 

3. Clean The Underside

During the rain, plants will receive more water than required. Thus, it is important that excess water is drained from the pot. Check the drainage holes and ensure they are not blocked. The water might not be easily drained if the soil is too sick, and you might have to consider repotting.

4. Avoid Direct Rainfall

Although rainwater is considered good for most plants, however, direct rainfall tends to cause soil erosion and can remove the topsoil of the plant. It is advisable to put and sheet or any other cover over your plants to protect the fertile soil and not damage them.

5. Fertilisers

Use natural fertilizers during monsoon. Cow dung, home compost, or vermicompost are the best manure for plants. During the rainy season, the pores in the plants open up; therefore, spraying the fertilizer helps the plants to absorb them.

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Happy Gardening!

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