Top 10 Garden Plants for April

Top 10 Garden Plants for April

April marks the onset of spring and it’s the perfect time to brighten up your garden with some colorful and aromatic plants. The weather conditions are ideal so you can gear up, put in a little more effort, and enjoy the beauty and benefits of gardening. Here is a list of the top 10 garden plants for this month that will make your outdoor space look amazing.

1. Zinnia

Zinnias are heat-loving, easy-to-grow plants that are perfect to grow in April. They come in various colors such as pink, red, yellow, and even green. They thrive well in full sun and can even survive droughts. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t require timely watering. Zinnias are highly productive so keep removing the dead heads to get new blooms.

2. Rose

These timeless Rose flowers are the symbol of love and beauty. They come in many varieties, shapes, colors, and scents. They are best grown from cuttings and need full sun and well-drained soil. Grafting is another way to get healthy and vividly colored flowers. Prune them regularly to encourage new growth and remove dead or diseased parts.

3. Cosmos

Cosmos plants are easy to sow and grow. They can fill your garden with purple, pink, yellow, orange, white, and even chocolate hues and keep it vibrant throughout the summer. They love sunny spots and can be grown in the ground as well as in pots.

4. Vinca

Vinca or Periwinkle is one of the most popularly grown flowering plants in India. It’s the easiest plant for beginners, as it doesn’t require much maintenance. Its flowers come in various shades of pink, purple, red, blue, and white. Provide it with a sunny location and avoid over-watering to enjoy its blooms throughout the summer.

 5. Madhumalti

Madhumalti also known as Rangoon creeper is a beautiful flowering plant. It can be easily propagated through the cuttings of its vine. It has fragrant flowers which change color from white to pink to red as they mature. The vine can grow up to a height of 25-30 ft when grown on a support or a trellis. It requires full sunlight of 5-6 hours for flowering. Watering should be done when the 1-2 inch of topsoil is dry. It requires pruning for ample growth and flowering. 

 6. Giloy

Giloy also known as ‘Amrita’ is an herbaceous climber which is quite popular in India because of its medicinal properties. It can be easily propagated through stem cuttings in the ground as well as in the pots. Its large heart-shaped leaves and yellowish-white flowers add to the beauty of the garden. It’s an easy-to-maintain plant that grows well in sunny spots and doesn’t require frequent watering. Giloy is a powerful immunity booster, useful in diseases such as diabetes, and high blood pressure, and beneficial for overall health. You can add it to your garden for its several health benefits.

 7. Cucumber

Who isn’t aware of the benefits of cucumbers in the summer? With 95% water and lots of vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory flavonoids, they are a must-have in your kitchen garden. They are perfect for salads, juices, and even face packs. They grow on vines with broad leaves, hairy stems, and yellow or white flowers. They grow best on the trellis, but can even be left on the ground if the space allows.

 8. Courgette

Courgettes are herbaceous vines grown in the late springs. They can be easily grown from seeds and grow well on a trellis. Its large leaves and beautiful yellow flowers can make any kitchen garden look attractive. They are sun-loving plants and require well-fertilized soil for flowering and fruiting. Courgettes are quite popular these days in salads, pasta, and even as a sauteed side dish.

 9. Okra

Okra or bhindi is easy to grow even for beginners and is a perfect addition to your kitchen garden. It can be grown by directly putting the seeds in the raised beds and doesn’t like to be transplanted. It requires 5 to 6 hours of sunlight and sufficient watering. You can start harvesting the pods within 50 to 60 days of planting. Okra is not only delicious but also a storehouse of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants.

 10. Mint

This refreshing herb with vibrant green leaves and a heavenly smell is a must in the kitchen garden. It’s very easy to grow from cuttings and needs partial shade and moist soil. Grow it in a bed or a pot or container to harvest its amazing health benefits throughout the summer. Put them in drinks, salads, sauces, and other dishes to enhance their taste and aroma.

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