Perlite (100 gms)


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Finest white colored powder of perlite.
Perlite (100 gms) 47
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Perlite is used in soil mixes (including soilless medium). Adding perlite to your soil mix provides you with two primary advantages – drainage and aeration. With more air around the roots of your plants, they grow faster and yield more during harvest. It is suitable for growing plants without any soil and is non-toxic, clean, disease free, extremely lightweight, and easy to work with. Also, check out our workshops for more details.


Perlite is made from a mined volcanic glass of the same name. As a raw material, it contains water, trapped by the rapid cooling of lava. The moisture vaporizes explosively when heat is applied.


Perlite’s expanded nature makes it extremely porous, so it can absorb water, but it also improves drainage, so is ideal to mix into compost to ensure water drains freely. Perlite is particularly useful in plant propagation, including taking cuttings and sowing seeds.


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Weight 100 g

Aeration, Fertilizers, Potting Mix

Weight Wise Manure

100 gm

15 reviews for Perlite (100 gms)

  1. Anika Kapoor

    Just started using Perlite 100 gms for my succulents

  2. Dev Joshi

    100 grams of high-quality Perlite for improved soil aeration and moisture retention

  3. Kavita Menon

    Aeration Aid

  4. Arnav Mehta

    Lightweight Insulator

  5. Shyam Singh

    Good Quality Products

  6. Sanem Sen

    Worth buying

  7. Kafeel Shaikh

    Happy customer

  8. plant21


  9. Darshini Jain

    Very effective product

  10. Deepshika Sharma

    Impressive product

  11. Sukhmani

    Very helpfull and effective product

  12. naresh

    quality is top level

  13. pratyusha

    satisfied with the quality…

  14. Harsh Chandel

    Loved the quality that too at such an affordable price

  15. Tesha

    Product with multiple benefits. Satisfied 😌

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