Wick Self Watering Pot (1pc)


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This is an image of three wick self watering pot with flowering plant planted in one of them kept against white color background.
Wick Self Watering Pot (1pc) 149
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This wick self watering pot uses sub-irrigation to deliver water directly to plant roots, without any guest work. The water reservoir at the bottom of the pot allows the plant to drink at its own pace and the beautifully designed visual display of the water refill division at the end shows caregivers when it is time to refill the water in the pot. Please check the pictures properly for reference and note that this will come in a pack of one pot. Also, check out our workshops for more details.


Our Gardening Pots are made up of strong PVC plastic. It is suitable for outdoor needs and can accommodate all sizes of plants.

  • Height (cms) – 12
  • Base (cms) – 7.5
  • Diameter (cms) – 9.5
  1. Insert the parts into the container (according to instructions).
  2. Add the potting mix with red soil. The key is to moisten it before placing it in the planting container. If you use dry potting mix, it will not work.
  3. Pack the above-step soil into the depressions at the bottom of the planting container (that’s where the moisture gets wicked up into the soil/roots) and be sure the end is placed in the water reservoir.
  4. Plant your favorite plants in the container. Don’t compact the soil but do firm in the plants so they’re well-supported.
  5. Water from the top to remove air pockets and settle the roots (add additional potting mix if needed). This is typically the only time you’ll water from above; after this, just fill the reservoir directly.
  6. Wait a while for water to percolate down through the potting mix into the reservoir. Then fill the reservoir completely.
  7. Refill the reservoir as necessary when the water level is low. Do NOT let it dry out. If it does, water from above to ensure that all of the potting mix is thoroughly moistened before filling the reservoir again. Dry planting mix will not wick water so even if you fill the reservoir, the plants won’t receive the moisture they need.

The wick self watering pot has many key features including saving water providing a consistent supply of water, preserving nutrients in the soil, cutting back diseases, avoiding weeding in plants since the water supply is balanced, and many more.

Other Names : gamla

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15 reviews for Wick Self Watering Pot (1pc)

  1. Vedant Mehra

    The quality of the materials used in the pot is evident

  2. Veer Khanna

    These pot help in watering of plants

  3. Aarav Mehta

    This pot helps in watering plants when I am not at home

  4. Harini Reddy

    Effortless hydration

  5. Shruthi Gupta

    Very Good Product and helpful for small garden

  6. Tabitha Shah

    Very interesting product

  7. Nilam Jha

    Worth buying

  8. Sakshi Kedia

    Happy with the purchase

  9. Naisha Reddy

    Must buy product

  10. Pushpavathi

    Nice product

  11. Hir Kaur Deep

    Impressive product

  12. Ishita Gupta

    Received in good quality

  13. Baladitya

    Very useful product

  14. Nayana S

    Good quality product

  15. indrajit

    these is very useful product for a busy person like me

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