Top 10 Aromatic Flowering Plants for Your Garden

Top 10 Aromatic Flowering Plants for Your Garden

As much as you need aesthetically pleasing plants in your garden for their visual delight, aromatic flowering plants are a must to soothe your senses. Aromatic flowering plants not only fill your garden with their beautiful blooms but with heavenly scents as well. 

Here is a list of the top 10 aromatic flowering plants that will enhance the beauty and aroma of your garden. From classic jasmine to exotic lavender, these plants will not only please your senses but also attract pollinators to your garden. Read on to discover the perfect fragrant plants for your outdoor space.

1. Juhi (Jasminum auriculatum)

Juhi commonly known as Indian jasmine is grown widely in Indian houses for its aromatic white flowers which fill the surroundings with its enchanting fragrance. These flowers are widely used in religious ceremonies because of their heavenly scent. They bloom in bright light and require at least 3-6 hours of direct sunlight for flowering. 

2. Rajnigandha (Polianthes tuberosa)

Aromatic Flowering Plant Rajnigandha

Rajnigandha also known as tuberose is grown for its beautiful and fragrant flowers. Its pleasant-smelling flowers are used for making perfumes. The flowers grow on long stalks that bloom at night. The plant requires 6-7 hours of bright sunlight for flowering. Flowering begins in spring and goes on till autumn.  

3. Raat Ki Rani (Cestrum nocturnum)

Raat ki rani also known as night-blooming jasmine is a woody vine-like shrub. Its whitish-green tubular flowers grow in clusters. These flowers release mesmerizing perfume at night during warm weather. It requires 3-6 hours of bright sunlight for flowers to bloom. Once in full bloom, these flowers will keep your garden fragrant with their enchanting scent for about 7-10 days. 

4. Champa (Plumeria spp.)

Champa also known as Frangipani is an ornamental shrub, which is grown for its beautiful flowers, and amazing scent. Its flowers come in vivid hues of white, yellow, pink, coral, and orange. Flowers of Mexican frangipani are white in color with yellow centers and are the main component of Hawaiian leis. These flowers are also used for making perfumes.

5. Mogra (Jasminum samba)

Mogra also known as Arabian Jasmine is a fragrant and graceful vine that is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your garden. Its delicate white or pink flowers which grow in clusters of 3-11 emit a sweet fragrance that is particularly strong in the evening. Plant it in a sun-drenched spot with well-drained soil and watch it climb.

6. Rose (Rosa)

Rose also known as Gulab, is a woody shrub grown worldwide for its beautiful, fragrant flowers. It is often linked to Venus the goddess of love and beauty. The flowers come in vivid colors, sizes, and sweet fragrances. They are widely used in the perfume and cosmetic industry, because of their mesmerizing fragrance. Rose petals also have medicinal properties and are used in the preparation of rose tea, gulkand, and rose water.


7. Gardenia (Gardenia Jasmin Oides)

Gardenia also known as Cape jasmine is an ornamental shrub that is grown for its beautiful evergreen foliage and fragrant, leathery white flowers. Gardenia is a sun-loving plant, that thrives well in partial sunlight and moisture. Flowering begins in the spring and goes on till summer. Pruning is required from time to time, for frequent flowering and to keep the plant in good shape. 

8. Honeysuckle (Lonicera)

Honeysuckle is a flowering shrub or vine that can reach a height of 10 to 20 meters. The flowers are sweet smelling, bright in color, and filled with nectar that attracts pollinators. This plant is grown for its anti-viral properties and all parts of the plant including leaves, flowers, berries, and seeds are used in medicines. This plant can bloom in full as well as in partial sunlight.

9. Parijat (Nyctanthes)

Parijat also known as Harsingar or the Gods’ Ornament, is a perennial woody shrub that can grow up to a height of 10 meters. Its flowers are small, white in color with orange peduncles, and grow in clusters of two to seven. These sweetly-scented flowers bloom during the night and are shed as the sun rises, filling the atmosphere with its fragrance during the early hours of the morning. This flower is considered auspicious and is also grown for its medicinal value. The flowers bloom twice a year- February to April and August to December.

10. Lavender (Cuphea hyssopifolia)

Lavender is the quintessential aromatic plant. This fragrant herb is known for its soothing scent and beautiful blooms. Plant it in a sunny, well-drained place and enjoy it all summer. Cut some flowering stems and dry them to make your own potpourri or lavender sachets. Lavender oil is also known for its relaxing and calming properties.

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  1. Madhav Srinivasan

    I absolutely love the list of aromatic flowering plants you’ve shared! Lavender and jasmine are my personal favorites for their captivating scents and the serene atmosphere they create in my garden.

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  3. Harshit sinha

    I absolutely loved your blog post on aromatic flowering plants! The selection you’ve shared is incredible, and the descriptions of each plant’s fragrance make me want to fill my garden with them. Thank you for this delightful and informative post!

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